In What Way Did The Murder Of James Bulger Influence The Development Of Youth Justice Policies During The 1990’s And Beyond?

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In what way did the murder of James Bulger influence the development of youth justice policies during the 1990’s and beyond?

Youth is the golden period of one’s life. It can lead a person’s life to path of success or it may lead it to downfalls. As, during youth age a person can contribute to society’s growth and productivity, At the same time it may also disturb the peace and calm of the society by rooting out different types of evils and social problems that may lead a society to come down from leading and successful rows. During youth a person might have strong determination, will power that may become a reason to start a career, likewise, youth may also indulge itself in different ...view middle of the document...

It includes that they might behave well and would try to improve the life standard by staying away from all the evils and bad commitments which have been done by them knowingly or unknowingly (Chapin, 2007, pp. 505-532). On the other hand, there is also a possibility that the might get effected by external forces or social instincts that might compel them to make a comeback in criminal world by learning more skills and adhesive thoughts.

These ways of dealing with youth who are involved in criminal activities may lead them to be worst in certain situations. This research is descripting a brief description of advancement in youth justice system ever since 1997, examine the trends and violent behaviour in the society and a brief discussion about the new legislations and rules which have been passed and came in to order after 1997.

Previously, the society and old ancestors didn’t take this problem seriously, which means that there wasn’t any good solution or method to deal with these problems which were growing and promoting crimes in UK’s society. But, After 1997, many laws, acts and ordinances has been passed by the parliament to cleverly dealt with this problems and try to bring up with some impressive solutions. These ordinances and laws have helped a lot to improve the youth justice system and unique innovations of legislations in the society of United Kingdom.

Youth justice system is consists of organs and rules which are used to prosecute, convict and punish those youngsters who are under 18. The major purpose of youth justice discourse is to stop young generation form committing crimes and illegal activities and keep them on a track of success. Before 1990’s, a child who was ages 10-14 was considered as incapable of committing crimes and offensive activities, but later it was changed to 10 years. So, now a child who is aged 10-17 is considered to have enough common sense to learn the difference between right and wrong. However, it was an assumed that a child could not be found of guilty, if he is unfit or not in the state of committing any criminal activity. (David Prior. (2010))

The murder of James Bulger in Liverpool in 1993 set example that the children could be used to commit crimes and offenses. In that exceptional case the age limit for children was set to 10 years that they should know the difference between right and wrong. Likewise, those who are over 17 are assumed to be adult, so any enforcement and punishment from courts or agencies would rest solely upon them without any support of external means. There is no concession for people who are over 17 and involving in thefts and criminal activities.

If police or custody office catches someone who is under 17 and was caught involved in criminal activities, it is compulsory for custody office to find out or inform parents, guardian or any other support NGO which...

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