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In What Ways And Why Is Knitting Currently Being Used To Make A Political Statement

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Knitta is a group of eleven knitters. The Knitta members say: “We go beyond simply wanting attention. We prove that disobedience can be beautiful and that knitting can be outlaw” When they first started out they kept there selves unknown because they thought what they were doing was classed as graffiti than art. The knitters explain “our group is composed of people who don’t do illegal things, and we were worried about how people would react to what we are doing” (knit knit). Each member of the group brings a different skill to the group from an excellent eye for colour to writing letters. Put side by side graffiti and art, their work makes you think about the nature of knitting by associating itself with a stronger, male dominated art. ‘we go beyond simply wanting attention, we prove that disobedience can be beautiful and that knitting can be outlaw’(knitta).

I do class Yarn Bombing as making a political statement because they are being political about the less important objects in the environment. Many people see the whole thing as pointless. I think if you are a knitter or any kind of artist you would class Yarn Bombing as an art not graffiti. Many critics say “they should focus on knitting something useful like blankets for the homeless.”

Beryl Tsang addresses her political views of breast cancer which she got diagnosed with it eleven years ago. She took up knitting to help her through the trauma of losing her breast. She decided to knit herself a breast, many people commented on how good it looked in the bra. She knitted many for her cancer support group and then decided to make her website As well as her website she realised she could support women with breast cancer through a blog. Beryl has a group of knitters knitting for her, they are each assigned a client. ‘Together they knit on average ten tit-bits per week, in three different categories: everyday made of cotton in various colours fancy which may come in extra-soft cashmere, cream- coloured stripes, or with curly trim, and floozies, which are hot pink, red or black and made with confetti eyelash yarn. The most popular Tit-Bit is a buff colour in a 36B or 34C cup.’ (Knit Knit).

Marianne Jorgensen is a big fan of doing collaborative work with the community. One of her projects was...

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