In What Ways Could It Be Said That Community Is Exclusive And If So, In What Ways Could It Be

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The object of this essay is to explain the origins of the concept of community. Also, howthe major changes in social life, particularly following the industrial revolution, promptedPhilosophers, Sociologists, and Anthropologists to reach a greater understanding of thebehavioural patterns of the people of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. An explanation of thedevelopment of Sociologist's typologies will be provided, together with a description of FerdinandTonnies' Gemeinschaft and Gesellschaft typology. A definition of the word community will beexplored and examples of its use will be provided.Furthermore, examples of exclusive communities will be discussed, with particularreference to the ethnic minority and white communities of Bradford, Burnley and Oldham. Detailsof the violent community disorders which occurred within these areas during the early summer of2001 will be presented. Information on the investigations and reports which followed theseoccurrences will be provided, together with details of the themes, proposals and recommendationsput forward by the various bodies involved in encouraging communities to be more inclusive.Sociologists have been interested in the concept of community since the discipline ofsociology was established in the 1830's.[1] Auguste Comte (1798-1857), a French philosopher,first used the term 'Sociology' when he wished to establish a 'science of society' that would helpreveal the social laws, which he believed controlled development and change. [1] From thenineteenth century onwards, people developed a greater awareness of the need to understand theconsequences of changes in society, particularly the major changes in social life as a result ofpolitical revolutions and the Industrial Revolution. [1]The Industrial Revolution created the social framework of modern society, which can besummarised by three main factors: the massive population explosion, although mainly due to thedecline in the death rate, the huge development of factory oriented manufacturing and theestablishment of mills, foundries and mines, and the rapid growth of urban settlement.[7]As an example of the huge development of working opportunities for men, women andchildren, in Manchester in 1782 there were only two mills, however, by the end of the centurythere were fifty-two mills, twenty-four iron foundries and thirty-seven machine workshops.[7]Visit In the first half of the...

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