In What Ways, If Any, Did The World Change In The Aftermath Of The Terrorist Attacks On The World Trade Centre And The Pentagon On 11th September 2001?

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In what ways, if any, did the world change in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon on 11th September 2001?IntroductionSeptember 11, 2001 is a day that can be remembered as the day that shocked not only the United States but the world as a whole. For many people around the globe this day can be remembered as a horrifying and catastrophic experience regardless of whether or not they were directly involved in the attacks on the World Trade centre and the Pentagon. There were more than 3000 deaths and around 30 buildings were damaged but up to today there are more far-reaching consequences1. It was said that these attacks changed the whole world. But is this really true? If so what are the major changes to the US and the rest of the world? Or are we living in the same old world that existed before the attacks? These are the major issues that I wish to address in my essay.How did the attacks change the US?It is no doubt that the occurrence of a mass-casualty attack on the American soil has greatly affected many parts of US and its hegemony in numerous aspects. 2 The attacks on September 11 have had a dramatic impact on the US foreign policy. The war on terrorism and the related and the struggle against weapons of mass destruction have become the new defining features of US foreign policy. Within this context there is a new1., 'The world after September 11', <> (accessed on 27 September)2. Robert S. Litwak, 'The Imperial Republic after 9/11', in Wilson Quarterly, Vol. 26, No.3, Summer 2002, p76willingness of US to assert its power internationally and unilaterally if necessary. There has also been a major increase in defence spending doubling the US budget and the creation of a new department of homeland security with more than $35 billion a year. Also since 2001 US has worked to enhance law enforcement, intelligence cooperation and counter terrorism efforts to strengthen bilateral relations with other countries in international organizations. So it is evident that there has been a fundamental re-orientation of US foreign policy towards preventing the nation from increasing effects of global terrorism. 3Before the September 11 attacks most of us viewed terrorism as just another one of many transnational problems and was not seen as a major threat to the US hegemony. But after the attacks the US and even the rest of the world has considered Terrorism as a principle foreign policy challenge to the United States.4 US has realized that the nature of terrorism is changing and that it is more destructive and more difficult to address and the grim realities of the attacks with regard to nuclear proliferation should be effectively addressed.5 Globalisation and the importance of the non-state actors and the Weapons of mass destruction with regard to terrorist activities are some of the issues that the US has addressed throughout the past 6...

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