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“In Your Opinion, Which Art Movement Or Period Has Had The Biggest Impact On The Appearance And Design Of Video Games?”

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The document will examine an Art period which has influenced the appearance and design of video games. This will include the topic of the Edo period of Japan and how it affected generations of artists to the modern day.

The Edo period set in the era of 1603-1867 was commonly known as the Tokugawa Period, this was when the Japanese society was ruled by Tokugawa Shogunate and the country’s 300 regional Daimyo, which at the time were powerful territorial lords who rules most of Japan which then was contained under strict social order, economic growth and prohibited foreign contact with outside countries. Many of japans historical artists would usually create illustrations on large scrolls of paper which are called ‘Emakimono’. Paint ceramics, calligraphy on silk or paper, use ink wash to paint vast landscapes. The most popular art form was ukiyo-e.
Tawaraya Sotatsu, he popularized the ‘Tarashikomi’ style of painting meaning “Dripping in” the technique is applying a second coat of paint quickly before the first layer is dry, it was mainly used for creating fine detail on water surfaces or flowers.
(Wind God and Thunder God) (17th century)
(Koetsu) And (Sotatsu, The Deer) Left image

(Sotatsu, Peonies and Lilies) (1568-16-15) right image
Sotatsu uses the Tarashikomi technique daintly and effectively as you can see from the images above, his delicate strokes merges the inkwash and watercolours perfectly creating an effeicent effect.
Many artists were inspired by Tawaraya Sotatsu’s work one being Ogata Korin who enhanced the Tarashikomi style. He was mostly known for the ‘Red and white plum Blossoms’ piece a pair of two screens, this is a perfect example of Tawaraya influence upon Ogata, the delicate swirls placed onto the river to the red and white texture placed upon the plum trees defiantly highlights the features within this painting.

(korin) (Red and White Plum Blossoms) (1712-1713)

The popular form of art within the Japanese period was in fact Ukiyo-e or known as “Pictures of a floating world”. The artist that is well known for this form was Katsushika Hokusai, his famous woodblock being ‘The Great Wave of Kanagawa’ which is one of many within a series of ‘Thirty-six views of mount Fuji’. Hokusai was a brilliant artist of his era mostly creating woodblock prints but his sketches of everyday life within Japan, combined with his compassion for peasants, farmers and artisans he created “whimsical Sketches” this meaning “Comic” or “Cartoon” became increasingly known at his old age, an anonymous source analyzed Hokusai’s work and written “As a Result of long years of practices, he acquired a feeling for movement of the human body, and for the emotional significance of particular postures or gestures, together with a...

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