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In Your View, Do The Increased Regulatory Requirements For Financial Institutions Promote Good Corporate Stewardship Or Act As A Hindrance To Shar

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Since the financial crisis the banking industry has gone through unprecedented structural and regulatory reform aimed at reshaping and stabilising the banking systems. Although some of these changes were both necessary and beneficial to we have reached a point of overregulation is damaging the sector.

Banks have been forced to respond to the substantial increase in capital and liquidity requirements by scaling down their businesses and strategically evaluating their choice of customers, products and geographies. To a certain extent simplification of banking business is positive since leading up to the crisis, bank balance sheets were undoubtedly too big, business models were too complex, ...view middle of the document...

Another important question is whether changes are being made for the right reasons? Financial regulation has become highly political. With public sentiment still negative towards banks it must be asked to what extent the regulatory push is driven by a desire to “bash” the banks potentially resulting in unnecessary costs or detrimental regulations. Even where the regulation is well intentioned, excessive regulation is likely to have unintended consequences and create market distortions which in time could trigger new financial risks.

Where regulations are implemented inconsistently across borders banks in certain countries will have a competitive advantage that may lead to problems such as fragmentation of the international liquidity market. Unequal competition is also likely to drive business from the banks to more lightly regulated non-banking sectors. The shadow-banking sector is a threat both in terms of competition as well as a potential systemic threat as a new source of instability.

The banks are currently faced with conflicting demands of becoming more prudent and contributing to the global economic recovery. Current regulatory pressure will suppress profitability, innovation and credit to support the recovery. Forced rapid deleveraging and divestment is also likely to lead to unnecessary destruction of value. In order to generate acceptable returns for shareholder banks will have to find new business models that...

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