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Inadequate Resources Effects On Low Socioeconomic Students

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A child miseducated is a child lost. As we have evolved to a mostly efficient country, we still have obstacles regarding education. According to Lucy Hart, students of lower economic statuses often face additional like learning resources, learning conditions, and poor motivation that negatively affects their academic performance. Families with lower incomes struggle with providing academic support for their children. They have limited time and financial resources making it hard to create a good support system. Most parents cannot afford technology and tutors for their children. “When children do not have a positive learning environment at home, it negatively affects their academic ...view middle of the document...

These feelings of loneliness and inadequacy often influence the decision to drop out for many students” (Lucy Hart). Leaving students to feel hopeless about college and affording higher education.
According to Dannelle F. Walker, in 1968, Martin Luther King, Jr. launched the Poor People's Campaign, which made all races work together. King realized that even though African-Americans had gained civil rights, those gains did not improve their education and school conditions. School systems have been integrated since the 1954 Brown v. Board of Education U.S. Supreme Court decision. A 2012 study by Stanford University professor Sean Reardon revealed that the rich-poor achievement gap is now much larger than the white-black achievement gap. Dannelle Walker made a strong case about the reversal from the pattern 50 years ago, when the white-black gap overshadowed the socioeconomic one. “In fact, children born in 2001 saw a 40 percent larger achievement gap between rich and poor students than those born in 1974” (Dannelle F. Walker). A study of the District of Columbia school system found, after controlling for other variables such as a student's socioeconomic status, that students' standardized achievement scores were lower in schools with poor building conditions. Students in school buildings in poor condition had achievement that was 6% below schools in fair condition and 11% below schools in excellent condition (Edwards, 1991). Research indicates that the quality of air inside public school facilities may significantly affect students' ability to concentrate. The evidence suggests that youth, especially those under ten years of age, are more vulnerable than adults to the types of contaminants (asbestos, radon, and formaldehyde) found in some school facilities (Andrews and Neuroth, 1988).
Majority of those living below the poverty mark are not able to finish school. Even if elementary and even high school education is provided free in the country, the very poor do not have enough money to accommodate their needs. Some children have to stop going to school to help their...

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