Inability To Explore Deep Space Essay

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Sebastian SelenaMs. GoodwinEnglish 10H Period 510 March 2014Inability to Explore Deep SpaceMan has gone through multiple advancements in technology between the 19th century and the current 21st century. Many of which were big leaps for Mankind; Neil Armstrong proposed, "That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind." Since then, NASA's budget has decreased exponentially, due to the loss of government support. Today, Space agencies don't have the necessary requirements to explore deep space. There is an insufficient amount of knowledge to create the technology in order to travel where no man has ever gone before. NASA, SpaceX, the European Space Agency (ESA), and many more organizations are working hard to develop blueprints for new sophisticated technology. The problem with this is that they don't have enough funds to pull resources together to build a spacecraft and to test on many more. Even with these resources there are a huge number of Environmental factors hindering the human race from exploring deep space. (Scullion).The solutions can be from multiple ranges. From advanced ion engines to warp drives to spiritual realms of the human consciousness.One of many environmental factors is Radiation, which comes from cosmic rays, solar wind and solar energy particles emitted during a solar storm. Particles from these sources soar through space and can go right through a human body. So, the radiation hazards astronaut's face is serious. Mass and weight are important because the bigger the spacecraft the heavier it's going to be, and the heavier it's going to be, the more power will be needed to escape the earth's gravitational pull. A Spacesuit is obviously the most important factor for an astronaut traveling through outer space. It gives the astronaut air for 6-8 hours, and also maintains the astronauts normal temperature using layers of insulation and a cooling system.( Scullion)Space debris, meteoroids and micrometeorites are always a problem with space travel. Space debris can be anything, from tiny flecks of paint, a metal bolt or even an inoperative satellite. Over a million pieces and chunks of space debris speed through space at around 4 miles per second, but so do meteoroids and micrometeorites. Meteoroids are pieces of rock and metal floating through space which are often left over pieces of rock from the formation of the Solar System. Micrometeorites are even smaller pieces of meteoroids, and can do just as much damage to a suit as a piece of space debris. ( Scullion) Communication, another environmental factor, is very important because this is how the astronauts and space probes will stay in contact with earth. If the communication line is down how will NASA know if the astronauts are safe/ If they should send a one manned space probe out to see what has happened or if there's a way to fix the line? Well, NASA is already trying to figure it out. They believe that planting satellites that can shoot laser beams containing...

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Inability To Explore Deep Space Essay

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