Incarcerated Females In Recent Years Essay

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The number of incarcerated females has increased tremendously in recent years. The female offender faces many obstacles while in custody and once released. Many female offenders suffer from a plethora of mental health disorders and substance abuse. Females who are plagued with co-occurring disorders which is also knows as dual diagnosis require additional services as their need is more harsh than those who have a single issue to tackle. Therefore, I am presenting a proposal that will focus on the female ex-offender that encompasses mental health, substance abuse, and parenting classes and services for those with co-occurring disorders.
The mission of She Can Change Services is a community based treatment program designed to treat female ex-offenders with co-occurring disorders in areas of substance abuse, mental health disorders, and social disorders. Parenting classes and life skills classes are required for those offenders transitioning that have children.
The Goals of She Can Chang Services, an intensive, female minority program aspires to provide and support female ex-offenders ranging in ages 21-40. The program offers a 12 month treatment plan that uses various therapies that will enable each woman to discover what techniques best suits her needs and issues while directing them through a recovery plan for mental health and addiction that will allow each of the participants to live a productive, healthy, and positive life with less risks to recidivate. Upon completion of the first 6 months of the program, the participants are offered a 6-10 week skills session, which includes parenting and life skills classes. The aim of the program is to:
• Teach each female how to live a productive law-abiding lifestyle by maintaining mental health and liberation from chemical dependency.
• Increase self esteem and self-worth.
• Create opportunities for positive interactions and relationships with their children.
• Increase understanding of triggers and behaviors that lead to substance use.
• Increase understanding of medication compliance and sobriety
Upon release from custody females with mental health conditions and substance abuse that participate in aftercare may have a lower risk of recidivism. Therefore, females have diverse pathways to criminal behavior, and usually have treatment and service needs that are relative to substance abuse and other associated issues (Grella & Rodriguez, 2011).
A large majority of females with co-existing conditions have experienced violence. Services tend to be stagnant and treatment ideas are conflicting, women face many obstacles to obtain sufficient care. The important components of programs for female offenders in the addiction and psychiatric phase encompass sufficient and early detection of related issues and a treatment plan based on comprehension and empowerment in an accessible, secure, community based treatment structure. Due to the relationship between...

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