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Throughout our world, people find it necessary to believe in some sort of immortal being or beings. For instance, the Greeks place faith in their gods and goddesses. We, as Catholics, believe in the Trinity; God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Being Catholics, we believe that Jesus came down to earth in the flesh through the Incarnation. Through On The Incarnation written by St. Athanasius, we explore and answer the question: Why was it necessary for God to become human for our salvation?

Within the first chapter of this book, Athanasius reveals how Jesus was present at Creation as the Word. Jesus and the Word are the same, just as The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit ...view middle of the document...

(Athanasius 8) Jesus came onto earth while remaining fully human, and fully divine. Some ask why he had to come down as a human and why not a butterfly or a lion. St Athanasius explains this by saying, “In order that through this gift of godlikeness in themselves that they may be able to perceive the Image Absolute, that is the Word Himself, and through him to apprehend the father; which knowledge of their maker is for men the only really happy and blessed life.”(Athanasius 10) Jesus came in human form so that humans would be able to relate and visualize our Lord. It is easier to believe in something you are able to see, than to look inside yourself for it.

The Son had to die for us as well, so that we may be saved. In On the Incarnation Athanasius explains as to how Christ’s death had to come to be. Why couldn’t he die a private death? Why did it have to be a crucifixion? Athanasius has the answer to this. “Death came to his body, therefore, not from himself but from enemy action, in order that the Savior might utterly abolish death in whatever form they offered it to him.” (Athanasius 19) This is why Jesus had to die through crucifixion. He also had to die publicly. Why? Athanasius states these two reasons as to why he died publicly. “A secret and unwitnessed death would have left the resurrection without any proof or evidence to support it.” (Athanasius 18) If Jesus had died in private, what reasons would there be to believe that the Resurrection was valid? Its validity would be questioned if his death was private. “And how could his disciples have had boldness in speaking of the resurrection unless they could state it as a fact that he had first died?” (Athanasius 19) Jesus disciples would be unable to preach about the resurrection without his...

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