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Dream. A very simple word with only five letters, but a very complex word with abstract reality. In a dream, one can imagine the impossible, create the unthinkable, and explore his or her own creation. Now what if experts with high-tech gears can intrude a person’s dream, manipulate and disorient the victim’s conscious, extract confidential information without consent, and (get ready for this) implant an idea in a victim’s subconscious so that the victim truly believes the implemented idea is his or her own inspiration?
The mind-boggling Inception is a 148 minute science-fiction action movie written, co-produced, and directed masterfully by Christopher Nolan. Distributed by Warner Bros, Inception stars renowned actors and actresses, such as Leonardo DiCaprio as Dom Cobb and Ellen Page as Ariadne. The movie is rated PG-13 for “sequences of violence and action throughout,” and the MPPA (Motion Picture Association of America) gave the movie the appropriate rating.
A father of two who is charged with murder, Dom Cobb [Leonardo DeCaprio] and his trustworthy assistant Arthur [Joseph Gordon-Levitt] are “extractors” who steal information from a target’s subconscious. One day, Mr. Saito [Ken Watanabe], a multi-billionaire energy tycoon, approaches Mr. Cobb and asks him of a favor – to perform an “inception”, act of implanting and idea, in Robert Fisher’s [Cillian Murphy] mind. Saito wants Robert Fischer to break up his father’s company because the Fischer Corporation is the only impedance between Saito and complete energy monopoly. As a reward, Saito will use his influence to clear Cobb’s murder charge. Accepting the job and “taking a leap of faith”, Cobb recruits members to be in his team. He selects Ariadne [Ellen Page] the dream designer (the one who designs and plans the dream), Yusuf [Dileep Rao] the chemist (the one who makes sedation solution), Eames [Tom Hardy] the forger (the one who can copy anyone’s visage), and Arthur the assistant. During the Sydney, Australia to Los Angeles, United States flight, Cobb and his team sedates Robert Fischer and invades into his dream. Once Cobb and his elite team intruded into Robert Fischer’s dream, they encounter Fischer’s subconscious security and find out Fischer has been trained. Through car chases and gunfights, Cobb and his team finally reaches the third level of Fischer’s dream. In the third level, Fischer finds the “alternate” will of Maurice Fischer and determines that he will build a new empire that will surpass his father’s. After Robert Fischer saw the will, Cobb and the team wake up from the dream and Saito successfully clears Cobb’s murder charges. When Cobb returns to his home in America, he tests his totem, a top that tells him whether he is in reality or in a dream. In reality, the top will lose its momentum due to the laws of physics, but in dreams, the laws of physics don’t apply and the top will continue to spin forever. In the end,...

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