Inception Of After Life Essay

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I remember the first time The Great King of Albion; Abizou came to meet me. I was only twenty years old then; cursed with a gift that everyone assumed was a blessing. My eternal youth, and undying beauty was the reason to my misfortune. An arranged marriage was set for me to marry Abizou. Being so juvenile back then, I had not a single clue of what I was getting into. He barged with his men into my house asking for my hand in marriage. He got down on his knees, and held my hand and said “Merry-Andrew of Albion, the fairest maiden in the land, will thee accept to be my loving wife to cherish and love till death do us apart”. I had no choice but to say yes. Abizou, the evil king of Britain was not an ordinary man. He may have seemed kind and loving, but there is more to people then we may know. In people’s eyes he was a devoted monarch who gave alms to the unfortunate and deprived. Little did they know; their ruler was a monster behind closed doors. Every night he’d go down to his secreted chamber, and unleash his slaves from their cells. He’d call them his “worthless peasants”, and put them in labor to their very last breath. He would make them suffer and undergo severe agony. In result of this tremendous tragedy, Abizou would coldheartedly use their pain against them. While exhaustedly sleeping, he’d stab the side of their stomach sober, and wrench their liver out of their stomach. In old folk remedies, blood from the liver was used to keep women young and beautiful. After savagely stealing their livers, he’d fiercely wipe the blood all over my face to retain my youth. Abizou’s background was rather infamous; he came from a family of witches and murderers. Their tales of horror have been recited all across the seas. It has been said that Abizou’s ancestors were soul trappers. They would trap the souls of innocent spirits, after savagely murdering them, and lock them in a moonstone that has been inherited in their family legacy for over decades.
One day while in town of that malicious King, I was roaming around chanting melodies, while holding some poetry books, escorted by unseen, hidden guards that Abizou had sent to look after me. Suddenly, while I was lost in my thoughts, I stumbled over an odd looking gentleman. He grabbed my hand effortlessly cushioning my fall, and said, “ So long as men can breathe, or eyes can see, so long lives this, and this gives life to thee.” While helping me assemble my books from the ground. I turned to him with a slight smirk, recognizing those enchanting words of William Shakespeare. The guards immediately emerged, and attained their missiles ready to attack. I nodded my head as a sign of approval, and they instantly dropped their weapons to the ground. I haven’t had the chance to meet him yet, or get the opportunity to talk to him, when I was dragged against my will back to the castle. Although I hadn’t seen his face entirely, there was something about the gleam in his eyes that left me wondering. I...

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