Inception: Pure Science Fiction Essay

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What is more resilient than any parasite or virus? An idea. An idea takes hold of the brain and spreads like fire, difficult to eradicate once it is planted. This is the concept of inception, which is planting an idea into a person’s mind and letting it grow (Inception, 2010). Other concepts in relation to inception are dream sharing and a dream within a dream. Dream sharing is a person manufacturing a dream and bringing a person or persons into that dream (Inception, 2010). As an individual dreams or dream shares, he or she can go deeper into a dream and further into the layers of the subconscious also known as a dreaming within a dream (Inception, 2010). As a dream is explored and one is pursing deeper into the subconscious time and space is altered. Every five minutes in the real world is an hour in a dream (Inception, 2010). Furthermore, entering layer by layer of a dream compounds time thus making time in a dream longer. For instance in the movie the effect of the strong sedative to induce sleep somancin lets a person stay in the dream world for a week in the first level of a dream then six months the second level down, ten years the third level down, and continuous on and on to long stretches of dream time (Inception, 2010). However these concepts differ from the reality of dreaming and psychology. The concept of inception is impossible. Its impossibility can be analyzed and explored through the psychological areas of biology and behavior, sensation and perception, alternate states of consciousness, memory, and cognition.
The pineal gland, a small area located in the center of in the brain, secretes certain hormones including melatonin and serotonin, which contribute to a persons sleep and wake cycle or circadian biological clock (Sleep Drive and Your Body Clock). As one falls into sleep, he or she goes into a sleep cycle of: non-REM sleep, stage one, stage two, slow wave sleep, and REM (rapid-eye movement) sleep. An individuals sleep cycle is periodic with non-REM sleep dominating the sleep cycle and only 20-25% consisting of REM sleep in which a person dreams thus making dreaming brief (Inception: A Neuroscientists’ Review). In Inception, sleep is identical and immediate entrance into a dream is highly unlikely. An individual goes into multiple sleep cycles before experiencing a dream thereby proving this area of Inception inaccurate.
Being in a dream state is differs from being awake. An individual’s perception or awareness of his or her surroundings and sensation or the processing of one’s senses, become hallucinatory (Squire, Fundamental Neuroscience). Memory becomes fragmented with its disconnection from present events and inefficient in recalling them (Squire, Fundamental Neuroscience). Cognition is unstable, instead of being oriented the dreaming mind looses track of time, place, and person. Instead of thinking actively the dreaming mind yields to “non-sequiturs, ad-hoc explanations, and other illogical whims” (Squire,...

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