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Incident At Vichy Essay

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The Blindness of an Ignorant Mind The play ?Incident at Vichy,? by Arthur Miller takes place in France during the Nazi occupation. The Germans have already started to pick up Jews in Paris and send them to what the people thought were prison camps. The main characters in the play suspect that they have been picked up by the Nazis for being Jewish. While they are waiting to be questioned confusion and chaos break out when a rumor is told of Nazis incinerating the captured Jews. Some people refuse to believe these stories; others except them for the truth. This decision is the difference between life and death. Through fighting the blindness of ignorance insight into the idea of the true nature of man is acquired.Accepting the truth in the face of horror, Von Berg is given the opportunity to live. Von Berg believes in the stories he hears about the Germans burning Jews when it would be easier to push this idea out of his head and listen to the ideas of the scared men. But instead of doing this, Von Berg stands strong, ?I find it the most believable atrocity I have ever heard. Because it is so inconceivably vile. That is their power. To do the inconceivable; it paralyzes us? (269). He points out to the rest of the men how the Germans plans are affecting them. By doing something so awful it, as he says, ?paralyzes? them from taking any action. They are being pulled in two directions and this is what paralyzes them. They want to stay with their families and in their own country because they feel that they are safe from such an act of violence. On the other hand, they want to escape this deadly Nazi hand that seems to be closing around their throats. Von Berg realizes this in its entirety and tries to warn the others.?They do these things not because they are Germans but because they are nothing?the less you exist the more important it is to make a clear impression?a kind of truthfulness. After all, what is self-restraint but hypocrisy? ? I believe that in this fire; it would prove for all time that they exist, yes, and that they were sincere?What one used to conceive a human being to be will have no room on this earth. I would try anything to get out.? (270) Von Berg sees how the Nazis would justify these acts. By making themselves out as a dominant people. They don?t exist now as a people of strength but by doing this they will prove to the world what they really are. This makes perfect sense to Von Berg as a reason for the...

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