Incidents With British Petroleum: Profit Vs. Safety

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British Petroleum put a monopoly on the oil production in America and consequently neglected to place the environment and the well being of their own workers to their top priorities, therefore people need to know that BP is more focused on profit than safety. People need to be aware that there are more safer alternatives for energy than oil. There has been three separate occasions where BP has purposely overlooked there infrastructure, as well as their inspections and the maintenance of their employee’s well being. Even though taking crude oil businesses such as BP out of the picture when it comes to sources of energy would take out certain jobs and effect the economic recovery, there are alternatives to oil that will provide better jobs, a cleaner environment, and a standard of business that would positively stimulate the economy.
The first unheeded incident with BP was the explosion at the Texas city refinery, which was purchased knowing how old and how much improvement was needed. The refinery was built in 1934 and up until the accident it was in very poor condition. The refinery BP purchased was formally known as Amoco and was twelve hundred acres in size. Even before BP took control of the refinery it was host to rotted out columns, structures that were immense in rust problems with no protection of corrosion, and blow down drums that were primitive compared to todays technology. When Amoco was owner of this refinery, they all ready wanted to make improvements, but were unable due to budget cuts. In 1999 BP took control of the Texas city refinery as part of a sixty-one billion dollar takeover of Amoco. When the explosion occurred in 2005 it killed fifteen people. That same explosion injured one hundred seventy people.Carolyn Merritt, who was appointed by President Bush to be chairman of the U.S. Chemical Safety Board said, "These things do not have to happen. They are preventable. They are predictable, and people do not have to die because they're earning a living," It seems like BP pushed all of their old equipment to the limit and were not focused on the safety of their workers. In a statistical survey, there was a fatality every eighteen months, so the workers at this refinery were very scared of the environment they worked in.
The next overlooked accident happened in the northern slope of Alaska, where inspections where not by professionals and occurred very few at a time. In history one of the largest oil spills that occurred on the tundra of Alaska's Northern Slope was deposited to an amount of 267,000 gals of thick crude oil, for over two acres in the Prudhoe Bay production facilities. The crews were forced to cleanup and work with temperatures far below zero to dig up thick mixture of snow and oil, undetected nearly as long as 6 days before a worker had noticed an acrid. The investigation concluded that it was a lack of improvement that was needed on the pipeline. Ashley Adamczak, a spokesperson with DEC said,“The pressurized gas...

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