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Including students with special needs is an important aspect of an instructor’s job. It is imperative that they carefully examine the needs of each student and make appropriate accommodations to their instruction. By differentiating their instruction and making accommodations that benefit all students, instructors can create a learning environment that meets all the students’ needs. By delving into the four areas that should be considered when looking at one’s classroom environment evaluating student strengths and weaknesses instructors are able to modify their classroom setting and instruction to accommodate all of their students. Let’s take Jeff, a ninth grade student with special needs, ...view middle of the document...

Instructional materials are not simply the textbooks used in a classroom, but rather include all the supplemental learning tools instructors use to encourage active learning in their classrooms. Although these learning tools can provide a great deal of assistance to students when learning novel ideas, they need to be used in an appropriate manner to avoid distracting students from their main focus, the curriculum. Lastly, instructional methods encompass the numerous ways an instructor can present information to their students. This can be done in a variety of ways including directly, indirectly by letting students discover new things with minimal guidance from the instructor, and student evaluation.
When evaluating Jeff’s strengths and weaknesses it is important to focus on his strengths equally if not more than his weaknesses. Although his weaknesses need to be evaluated and addressed, Jeff needs assurance that he is not simply a student with special needs, but a student with special needs that has the capacity to excel. So, although Jeff can be shy at times and is not good at reading out loud, his reading comprehension skills are superb and he is an excellent speaker when he is comfortable in his environment. And, although Jeff’s organization skills are not the best and he has trouble putting his ideas on paper, he excels in the subjects of math and science. It is important to note that Jeff has low self-esteem due to his weaknesses, which causes him to have minor disruptive behavior at times.
When evaluating my classroom environment combined with Jeff’s strengths and weaknesses, it is clear that accommodations can be made to better serve Jeff and allow him to succeed. One aspect of the classroom environment that I would pay special attention to would be classroom management, particularly classroom routine and use of time. Since Jeff has poor organization skills, I would make it my goal to provide as much structure as I can in the classroom to assist him through the use of daily and weekly planners. To accommodate Jeff’s shy personality, I would attempt to avoid putting him on the spot in front of all his peers...

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