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This paper explores the prevalent practices for inclusion in the services industry, with special reference to consulting firms. It mentions some of the policies being followed in the industry to make the work place an egalitarian one with people exhibiting mutual respect for each other.
There are various facets of inclusion which through relevant HR policies, can make day to day work at the organization more balanced and conducive for efficiency. Be it the work life balance, transparency in promotion and bonuses, facilities that the administration provides, the approachability of senior members in the organization or retention of the talent in the firm; the aspects are countless. Yet, a common thread of mutual employee respect and work satisfaction runs through them all.
Hence, this paper is a modest attempt to throw some light on such policies, which cover the aforementioned aspects in the consulting domain where the companies are competing with each other in order to make their workplaces the most favorable.

According to a survey in India, before joining a prospective employer the major parameters on which the aspirants rate a firm are: career growth, learning and development, job profile, job security and opportunities to go abroad.
However, from the employer’s perspective, another survey tells us that some of the major challenges faced in order to retain its employees are to keep the work place interesting, to give them freedom to speak their minds, to provide facilities based on individual needs and to encourage work life balance.
Hence, we can clearly see a disconnect between pre joining expectations of an employee and post joining priorities. Most of the employers within an industry can provide the former; but the latter is more about Esteem and Self actualization which as Maslow’s hierarchy of needs clearly portrays becomes more important once the basic needs are in place. This is where inclusion comes into picture.
In the services industry, if we focus mainly on the consulting firms we find that to implement policies for inclusion is a different ball game altogether. Most of the employees are stationed at the client site for long periods of time. If the projects are very long, the employees tend to lose touch with the work culture of the firm and get more accustomed to the working conditions of the client. Interaction between colleagues also becomes a challenge as they don’t meet for months and hence, the bond that one feels with the firm and his co-employees tends to weaken.
Also to be mentioned, are the stressful deadlines to meet the clients demands, late working hours and a lot of travel requirements, be it domestic or international.
Hence, in such kind of working conditions, to foster employee satisfaction and a feeling of oneness among its employees is a herculean task. Not to mention the frequent poaching of employees by competition as talent/human resource is the most important asset in this industry. If we were to...

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