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“Inclusion In Today’s Literary Canon” Essay

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Stephen King is a creative and massively popular author of horror fiction with the ability to make his readers squirm. Rated one of the best writers since early 1970s due to his prolific work, which is immensely intriguing. Stephen King is acknowledged for producing a novel each year or more. Some of his best sellers comprise the “The Shinning” (1977), “Salem Lost” (1975), “Carrie” (1974), and “Dead Zone” (1979). Even though, Stephen King’s writing style is bizarre and bloodcurdling, his characters have become iconic, because he has acquired a technique that makes him masterful. Additionally he has written several books that have become number one sellers. His books have spawned a multimedia franchise laying a basis for TV shows, movies, and best-selling novels.
King has an infinite number of short stories, published novels and movies created from his originality. Additionally, he keeps the use of vibrant and vivid detail that is set in a pragmatic each day place (Bloom 54). King was born in Portland Maine in 1947 (Schweitzer 9). Commonly known as the master of horror, his books have been published in over 35 countries and translated into 33 different languages (Schweitzer 25). He adds a dazzling effect in his work more than the standard easy-to-read bestsellers thus making his books fly off the shelves.
I choose to nominate Stephen King, an established author as one of the Today’s Literacy Cannons for several reasons. Despite being one of today’s masterful writers and best-selling authors, he combines elements of the science fiction, paranormal, detective themes, and psychological thrillers into his stories, he has developed a skill that makes him masterful. Stephen King has a point about maintaining his audience in suspense. Every chapter Stephen King writes seems to build on the previous chapter and end in a page turning nail biter. We all know that it is essential to increase the suspense level with a thrilling twist. Stephen King’s Novels have widened his horizons to diverse types of writings incorporating his experiences and observations from his everyday life in his unique stories. In November 2003, the National Book Foundation awarded king its medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters despite protest from the old guard of the literary community. “Stephen and Tabitha provide scholarships for local high school students and contribute too many other local and national charities.”
Stephen King has won many awards including the medal of Distinguished Contribution to American Letters and Lifetime achievement Awards. The National Book Awards described his work as securely embedded in the great American tradition that elevates the spirit of place and the enduring power of storyline. They also pointed out that King is admired for crafting Mind-bending, stylish page turners that enclose deep moral truths. This explains the reason as to why he has sold million copies worldwide, thrilling readers...

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