Inclusive Education In The Public School System

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Parents always want the best for their children, and most importantly, they want the best education and the best environment. Deciding which school to place their child to get an education can at times be a hard decision. Education in general is a form of learning where the knowledge, skills, and habits of a group of people are carried from one generation to the next through teaching, training, or even research. There are many types of education that schools offer to use in the classroom and inclusive education is one of them. Inclusive education in the classroom is incorporating students with disabilities in all, or some of the day, in a classroom with students without disabilities. Inclusion of students that have learning disabilities into regular general education classes has become a priority in many school districts. Many reasons supports providing opportunities for students with learning disabilities; to learn and interact with their peers that do not have disabilities, learn age- appropriate social skills, they’re more independent and acquire developmentally advanced skills, and develop friendships. The general education classrooms affect the achievement of the students as well as the social behavior. Placing disabled students in these classrooms affects many aspects of not only their lives, but the teachers and other students as well.
The types of education, regular, special, and inclusive all have different, yet very similar, meanings. Based off of Jude MacArthur and Berni Kelly’s article, “Inclusion from the perspectives of students with disabilities”, regular education refers to, “education in a classroom where students with disabilities are taught alongside their non-disabled peers” (MacArthur and Kelly, 44). Regular education is basically the education that normal students should receive, at a faster pace that keeps the students busy and their minds working. Although regular education does not always have disabled learners in the classroom, disabled students and slow learners may be placed in this environment to allow themselves to work with normal education students. Based on the academic standing of the child, the students are placed in regular classrooms and/or special education classrooms. MacArthur and Kelly’s article also explains what the term special education is, “schooling in separate locations, such as special schools, units, or classes, including the structures used in any school that identify students as ‘special’ (such as withdrawal from the classroom for specialist teaching or therapy or high levels of one-to-one adult support)” (44). The two types of education use different instructional methods, and special education uses additional specialist to assist the children with disabilities. Depending on the school, students with disabilities are allowed to be placed in a regular classrooms and this is where inclusive education may be used.
The two terms inclusion, and inclusive education are defined in a wide range of...

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