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Inclusive Wealth Report

8113 words - 32 pages

Summary for DeciSion-makerS
inclusive Wealth report 2012
measuring progress toward sustainability
Secretariat of the International Human Dimensions Programme on Global Environmental Change

ii Summary for DeciSion-makerS
Science Advisor Partha Dasgupta - university of cambridge
Report Director anantha Duraiappah - iHDP executive
Science Director Pablo muñoz - iHDP academic officer
Report Authors matthew agarwala - London School of
economics and Political Science
Giles atkinson - London School of economics
and Political Science/centre for climate
change economics and Policy
edward B. Barbier - university of Wyoming
elorm Darkey - university of Bonn
Partha Dasgupta - university of cambridge
anantha Duraiappah - iHDP Secretariat
Paul ekins - university college London
Pablo fuentenebro - iHDP Secretariat
Juan Sebastian Lozano - The nature
conservancy (colombia)
kevin mumford - Purdue university
Pablo muñoz - iHDP Secretariat
kirsten oleson - university of Hawaii
Leonie Pearson - university of melbourne
charles Perrings - arizona State university
chris Perry - un-Water Decade Programme
on capacity Development (unW-DPc)
Steve Polasky - university of minnesota
Heather Tallis - Stanford university
Stacie Wolny - Stanford university
Report Review Board John agnew - university of california, Los
Peter Bartelmus - Bergische universitaet
Wuppertal/columbia university
Julia Bucknall - World Bank
Dabo Guan - university of Leeds
michael Harris - university of Sydney
rashid Hassan - university of Pretoria
nicolas kosoy - mcGill university
Jens Liebe - un-Water Decade Programme
on capacity Development (unW-DPc)
Hal mooney - Stanford university
eric neumayer - London School of economics
and Political Science
Timothée ollivier - centre d'Économie
unai Pascual - Basque centre for climate
change (Bc3)/university of cambridge
alan randall - university of Sydney
Bart Schultz - uneSco-iHe institute for
Water education
Stanislav Shmelev - university of oxford
r. kerry Turner - university of east anglia
Jeff Vincent - Duke university
aart de Zeeuw - Tilburg university
UNEP Focal Points ibrahim Thiaw - Director, Division of
environmental Policy implementation, uneP
Pushpam kumar - chief, ecosystem Services
unit, uneP

incLuSiVe WeaLTH rePorT 2012 1
Summary for DeciSion-makerS
inclusive Wealth report 2012
measuring progress toward sustainability
Secretariat of the International Human Dimensions Programme on Global Environmental Change

2 Summary for DeciSion-makerS
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