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“A nation will not survive economically when so few have so much and so many have so little.”-Bernie Sanders. The wealthiest one percent of Americans has more wealth than the bottom ninety percent of Americans. The Men and Women that make up the bottom ninety percent are the working class Americans: the heart and soul of the country. A greater number of working class Americans are facing economic hardships that will have a toll on the overall economic health of the country. The average American household caries about one hundred forty thousand dollars of debt. The dangerous and growing income inequality and lack of upward mobility will have a devastating impact on the American economy. One of basic American promises is that every American will have an equal opportunity to succeed but in the current structure of American society there is a clear inequality when it comes to opportunity. Children born in lower class families do not have the same accesses to education as those born in wealthy families. Furthermore American policy today is created with the overwhelming influence of America’s elite. This results in a policy being created to close the wealth gap and helps the one percent grow its share of the wealth. Many of the policies that benefit the one percent are created with the rationale that wealth will trickle down but this has been proven to not be the case. The end result of a growing wealth gap will be impeded growth of the American economy.
The United States is seeing a growing divide in educational investments based on family income and the results are apparent. Numerous studies have been conducted on how education affects income growth and income inequality, with most implying that higher education leads to higher income of an individual, and that inequality is directly affected by the level of education in an economy. Increasing income inequality can be affected by an increase in educational inequality, where levels of education are spread disproportionately throughout the economy. This suggest that the higher the level of education available, the...

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