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Purpose of learning Hanyu Pinyin • give accurate pronunciation of words • help pupils to start reading early (with
the help of hanyu pinyin, pupils will be able to pronounce words they have not learnt before, hence recognize more words)
• facilitate Chinese Language computer programmes (eg: HansVision)

Hanyu Pinyin is made up of two components
1. sheng mu(声母) 2. yun mu(韵母)

b p m f d t n l g k h j q x
zh ch sh r z c s y w
• Attention must be paid to the shape of the mouth when we pronounce the word.
• "sheng mu" by itself is soundless and cannot be used on its own.

• "yun mu" refers to the vowel sound of the Chinese pronunciation.
• It is sub-divided into two groups:
1. dan yun mu(单韵母) - single vowel
2. fu yun mu(复韵母) - more than one vowel

dan yun mu(单韵母) a o e
i u ü ê

fu yun mu(复韵母) ai ei ui ao ou iu ie üe
an en in un ün ang eng ing ong uan üan

u shun
sheng mu (声母)
yun mu (韵母)
Pai pai All pinyin must be written in lower-case lettersAll pinyin must be written in lower-case letters
yun mu (韵母)
sheng mu (声母)


• Every hypy has four tones • "sheng diao" is the diacritical mark above
the vowel in order to indicate the tone
1. yin ping 阴平 (refers to the 1st tone)
4. qu sheng去声 (refers to the 4th tone)
2. yang ping 阳平 (refers to the 2nd tone)
3. shang sheng上声 (refers to the 3rd tone)

yin ping (阴平) The highest pitch in pronunciation (The pitch level is 5) and the stroke is drawn from left to right
The yellow line refers to the stroke that represents the pitch Voice pitch

yang ping (阳平) The pronunciation is from a lower pitch to the highest pitch (somewhere from Levels 3 to 5), the stroke is drawn from bottom left to top right
Voice pitch
diagonal refers to the stroke that represents the pitch

shang sheng(上声) There is a 'roller coaster ride' in the pitch pattern. It starts off from Level 2, goes down to Level...

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