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Incoming Disasters Essay

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Have you ever wondered what the world would be like in the future? Will the world be drenched in blood and war, or will the world be enveloped with peace? I sometimes wonder how the world would end, or if it will ever come to an end. What if suddenly the world was encountered with a series of natural disasters? Diseases would not only be contained in one region but spread all over the world. People have to endure droughts that not only occur in arid, dry regions, but also in the areas of tropical, fertile lands. Countless tsunamis would devastate coastal regions. With the increasing sea level, humans begin to lose the resources to survive on land. The previous incident would also ...view middle of the document...

Scarcity in food and water sources also poses a threat to human health. People might be affected by dehydration. Through my own experiences, I have known what it is like to be dehydrated. One day I was on a train going to Frankfurt. This train was packed with people, so it became very hot and stuffy. Suddenly, I sensed a pain in my stomach and felt the need to sit down. My parents did not allow me the sit down (since we were in a public vehicle). Gradually, my vision worsened, and the surroundings seemed to grow brighter and brighter until everything went dark. I woke up a few minutes later, and I was informed that I fainted due to dehydration. An increase in natural phenomenon might bring about the increase of the mortality rate. More people are affected by the widespread diseases and cannot sustain their life. This also might be a motive for mass migrations around the world in search of better sources for water, food, and shelter. Within the society, conflict might arise over the supply of water. You can connect this to a historical event in human history. During the Abbasid reign, the Bedouin tribes lived in the inhospitable desert of the Arabian Peninsula. Desert regions had insufficient resources of water, which led to recurring clashes between Bedouin tribes.
In addition to environmental and societal impacts, these natural disasters will also affect the government, economy and ecology as well. The government overseas the society and encounters a multitude of conflicts that evolve in the community. The government needs a way to unify and centralize the society, so they revert back to an oligarchy. This consists of a group of five main leaders, without a chief. The government also becomes more involved in the people’s personal lives. They believe that political involvement in one’s personal life will help to observe and maintain order within the society. Nano-bots are injected into a person’s body and travels to the central system of the body, the brain, to watch your every action. The economy of the world will suffer greatly due to the loss of agricultural production. Farmers are displaced because they can no longer grow crops. Money, which was initially meant to pay back debts, is not used to reconstruct damaged regions around the world. Food business and companies will experience in a decline in profit due to less food productions. These natural disasters will most likely impact the ecology and the environment more. Desert regions will undergo a change in climate and precipitation will escalate. As desert regions receive continuous rainfall, the land revives its lush, tropical soil, and it transforms into a greener region. Droughts will leave an impacting effect on the wood resources of Earth. It would deplete the sources of trees, so humans begin to rely more on aquatic resources. Scientists might make a major breakthrough will underwater civilizations. Scientists have developed pills that allow you to...

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