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Maria Oropeza or also known as Nana was my babysitter when I was younger. Now she is someone I know I could count with, someone who will be there to pick me up when I collapse. Nana is more than a nanny for me she is like a second mom and my best friend. Nana took care of me when I was in elementary and some part of middle school. She was always there when I had nightmares and when I was sick. She has been there for me in the hardest times of my life for moral support and for protection. Nana showed me how to be a better person, to never give up, and to always do my best. When I stayed over for the weekend, in the morning of every Sunday she made the most delightful pancakes I have ever tasted. The pancakes were warm and prefect they even had chocolate chip; which left the whole house smelling like chocolate.
Nana is a passionate woman who stands for her believes. Nana is a woman who would not accept crap from anyone. Around five years ago, Nana was married whenever her husband would say something she will answer back. Nana’s spouse, Santiago, is a machista, someone who has a strong sense of masculine pride. One day, Santiago asked Nana, “Where is the food woman?” Nana got outraged at him for his behavior that she got a plate served some soup and gave it to him. The soup was cold and had a handful more of salt. This was one of the times that Nana stood up to her husband. Another example was when nana finish cleaning the kitchen and Santiago walked in with mud on his shoes. Nana start yelling at him because she was all day cleaning the kitchen and he just walked in and it was muddy again. Santiago was unsettled by Nana’s reaction that he was apologizing and that day was the only day I have seen him apologize to anyone. Therefore, she didn’t clean the house for a whole month and she did not make food for her...

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