Incompetent Job Performance In Public Service

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Incompetent Job Performance In Public Service

Historically public employees have been viewed by the general public as being overpaid, inefficient, ineffective and unresponsive to the needs of the public. The news media’s constant reporting of scandals, financial misappropriations and unethical behavior in the public service further substantiate the growing lack of confidence the public has in the competence of public service organizations. In 1989 the National Commission on the Public Service, the Volcker Commission, reported that the need for competence and trustworthiness in public service was steadily growing not diminishing. (Nigro, 9) The goal of the Volcker Commission was to identify the necessary changes to personnel policies and practices that would counteract the increasing public lack of confidence in the ability of public service organizations to satisfy public demands. Many local governments that experienced the budget cuts, fiscal restraints and organizational turmoil of the 1990’s have determined that to enhance their competence, gain public trust and to avoid future financial difficulties, it is imperative that the staff of public service organizations become more professional, better trained and responsive to public needs. Managers in public service organizations have a vitally important role in the effort to create competence and gain public trust.

Traditionally, the job of a manager has been defined as one who keeps things going in an organization. Generally the focus of a manager is on monitoring, directing and refining the current performance of the organization. (Whetten, 14) A manager gets things done through people. Leaders are those who establish the vision and set the direction of the organization. The primary function of a leader is to create the essential purpose or mission of the organization and the strategy for attaining it. (Greenberg, 208) In the current post-industrial rapidly changing society, the success of public service organizations can be positively influenced by their recognition of the need to have executives who possess the skills of both leadership and management. In the current environment of public service organizations, managers and leaders have become inseparable.

In the implementation of the organizational vision, a manager must accurately analyze the job performance of individual staff members. Job performance is an evaluation of how well an individual completes the task associated with particular jobs or positions. A trained and qualified staff member is expected to perform in at least a competent manner. Management identification of poor or incompetent job performance should initiate a thorough examination of the elements within the

organization that may contribute to incompetent and unacceptable job performance. The employee selection process, correct identification of the required knowledge, skills and abilities, and effective communication has...

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