Incorparting Technology In Academics Essay

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An improvement in the academic success at Jackson High School, can be made if the district offered a program for a group of responsible students who would like to integrate technology into their daily learning activities and offer new technology.
By increasing the usage of technology for our students who want to further integrate technology into their daily learning schedules we can increase academic success and improve our test scores. With the increased availability to school resources online, students can study more often and in more places than just at school or at home when they can actually bring a textbook home. I would propose a program for all students, in which every student could access online versions of their textbooks, certain assignments, and other school related resources. These features would be accessed by students who can access a computer or similar device. Another beneficial thing about this would be that students could study at home or anywhere else as long as the have a device with internet access. This means that students can study for their tests or exams in more places thus meaning more often. This is more of a service and has several benefits and should be available to all students for free of charge.
Some students do not have access to computers at home. Deserving students should be considered to be in a program offered by the district that would allow them to receive a laptop to take home. This would only be used for academic purposes. This program could benefit those who are less fortunate but deserve more than what they have. The only other reliable choice that students would have to access computers or the internet outside of school would be to go to the public library. While this is a valid option, it is a hassle because the library is not always open and some people might not be comfortable with going to the library even time they need to study. This would be a logical program and I doubt that many students would need or actually qualify for it.
By introducing new more energy efficient desktop computers here at school the district can save money while having more powerful machines. With the use of capable computers, we can run multiple monitors and input devices, thus allowing multiple students to use a single computer. Therefore allowing more space for other things, perhaps more technology! Other schools have already experienced these benefits, one of them being the Judson Independent School District in San Antonio, Texas. The School District replaced 418 old computers with new, more energy efficient desktop PCs. The new computers were loaded with software that allows up to a dozen students to use the same machine. Each student has their own monitor, keyboard and mouse; just like they did when using the old PCs. This provided an additional 1,260 computing seats or spots. The previous computers that were being used were costing the district a total of $11,537 per school year in energy bills. The new PCs cost...

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