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Incorporate Technology In Learning Essay

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Technology has advance over the years, especially over the last forty year. The prices of many devices have dropped significantly over the last ten years. Ten years ago computers and laptops were priced around two thousand dollars, as of today a good laptop is priced as low as three hundred dollars. Computers and tablets have become very common these past years. As we look back, a few decades ago not even typewriters were common and no one improved his or her learning ability by using the typewriter. In contrast, today students have enhanced their learning abilities using computers and tables. Digital technology has become very popular amongst students. Students are aware of technology and seem to be interested in the use of the digital devices. Technology has even become important to special needs kids, who really depend on it now. Computers and iPads have stimulated students learning ability to improve on the subject with which they are struggling as well as test scores. This paper will describe the effect and impact technology has on students.
Technology has expanded over the world and has most people wondering the advantages and disadvantages. Many researchers have conducted several experiments whether technology has become useful or a distraction. According to Carr (2012) students have performed better. Carr (2012) conducted a quasi-experiment. Incorporating the iPads was hypothesized to demonstrate the enhancement of mathematical achievement between groups that will be examined to view the effects of technology. The device consisted of mathematical education apps and mathematical games to draw the students’ attention. The ANOVA analysis revealed that both the experimental group and the control group had better performance skills, but one was not better than the other.
In addition, According to Kagohara and collegues (2013) did a study and concluded that the benefit of these devices also helps students with learning disabilities. The authors conducted a systematic review of studies that involved iPods, iPads and other devices to acquire the related achievement of the effect technology has upon students learning abilities. The benefit of these devices also helps students with learning disabilities. It is a device that can be used for multiple purposes. The iPad was a good tool to teach students with disabilities because it makes it more fun for them like playing a game and stay focused. There were 15 studies reported, 47 participants from ages 4 to 27 some with disabilities. The students with disability resulted in test score improvement.
For a similar study, our hypothesis was false. We calculated elementary students grade point average and if they had an effect from the technology use. Our research investigated the questions: How teachers perceive learning technologies? The integration of technology in classrooms encourages enhanced learning outcomes of students? Based on our studies it shows the complete opposite. Our study consisted of...

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