Incorporating Paintball Massacre With Sunny Acres

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Part I: Defining My Audience
My reader will need to know what is being proposed and how this idea will benefit their company. Sunny Acres will be shown how the addition of a paintball arena will increase their client base therefore increasing profit. My reader will need to know what type of space is required, what the rules of the game are and what if any additional insurance will be required. My reader has some idea of how paintball works. I want to make sure Sunny Acres has a clear understanding of how the game is played so I will be informing them of the rules in great detail. This information will be an attachment to my document so the reader doesn’t have to read it in full if they decide not to. I’ll also let the reader know what equipment is needed for the game itself, and what equipment we will be renting out and all services we will provide for our gamers. Sonny Acres will need to know how much time a game takes, and how many people will be able to participate in the game at any given time. How many participants at a given time will make it possible to calculate the income this game will bring in? I’ll also need to make Sunny acres aware that we will need room to store our equipment and merchandise. Sonny Acers will also need to know how were planning to pay them. We will lease this area from them; in addition we will be giving them a percentage of our profits. I think one of the main points to stress to my reader is how our paintball clients will want to purchase sonny acres services. For example paintball clients can work up quite an appetite; Sunny Acres has plenty of food and beverage options that will increase in sale due to the arena being part of their park. Also I would anticipate from time to time that there would be a wait to play paintball. Sonny Acres is full of activities to help pass the time while clients are waiting.
After going over my proposal with Ramona Nagel Feltes, her attorney reviews the document to determine if it is a plausible idea. At this point my readers can suggest any changes that may need to make. This document will be used as a base for my idea. With this document Ramona Nagel Feltes and attorney along with me will be able to discuss what changes can be made to better accommodate al l parties involved. When we’ve reached a point of understanding between the parties and attorneys, I can then revise my proposal reflecting any corrections and changes that need to be made. In the end I would like the proposal to serve as a binding agreement between all parties involved.
It’s important to my reader to keep a successful business with no liabilities or accidents that would affect the future of the family business. It’s also important to sunny acres to maintain an atmosphere that children and adults of all ages can enjoy. There will need to be satisfying rules that are enforced and approved by Sonny Acres. These rules when enforced will allow Sonny Acres the confidence to...

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