Incorporating Public Speaking Into Regional And Urban Town Planning

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Communicating properly through public speaking is an essential part of working as a Regional and Urban Town Planner. Throughout Town Planning, public speaking plays an important role in communicating with not only clientele and fellow planners but also the wider community in various congregations. However, there are various tactics that need to be implemented to be able to not only successfully convey the correct information, but to deliver it in a clear and concise manner that people at all education levels can understand. Aspects of speaking that need to be analysed and better implemented into presentations are; proper preparation, having a clear goal or objective, all of these aspects contribute to a successful and fully rounded presentation. This report will explain, as well as positively and critically analyse, three aspects of presenting that are directly related to problems currently being faced by Regional and Urban Town Planners. The report will analyse how the aspects can be better improved upon as well as implemented into current methods of delivering information.
Proper Preparation:
Preparing for an oral presentation can be a daunting task for people with all kinds of experience in all types of fields (McConnell 2005: 77). Therefore the preparation time that goes into creating a presentation is vital for not only the speaker, but also the audience. Aspects of a successful presentation include; eye contact with the audience, voice projection and using concrete language. These are a few aspects of a successful presentation and the incorporation of these will not only enhance and create an effective speech but will also benefit a town and regional planner.
Proper organization includes; making sure the information is relevant to the audience, having an appropriate visual guide and speaking with the right mannerisms. These aspects are important for presentations because of the variety of audience a planner will come across. For example; particular information may not be relevant for a public setting (such as lot plan numbers and other technical jargon) while crucial for someone in the same profession. This means that there are going to be constraints and difficulties when preparing for particular presentations.
Communicating Goals:
Being able to deliver and communicate the objective of a presentation to an audience should be the main priority of an effective presenter. This is essential in any form of presentation due to the importance of making sure that the audience receives the correct information. There are various tactics to effectively communicate a presenter’s message to their audience; eye contact, powerful speaking and proper use of the space around them, are all essential to effectively communicating with an audience.
Within the profession of Town Planning being able to cater for different types of audiences while still communicating the same message effectively is extremely important. Town planning...

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