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Incorrect Judgment Essay

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In today’s society people are constantly judged, and a lot of the time this judgment is completely wrong. In John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men, Curley’s wife is called a flirt and a “tart” (Steinbeck 28), but she is more than that. She is lonely and just wants someone to talk to, but that gets portrayed as something it is not. Curley’s wife is a woman who has been misjudged by everyone on the ranch. Through misunderstandings she is given a bad reputation, but this perception of her is completely wrong.
Curley’s wife shows her sympathetic side when she comforts Lennie after he kills the dog. She tells Lennie, “Don’t you worry none” (87). This quote demonstrates trying to connect with someone on the ranch; in this case it is Lennie. She tells him he is not a bad person and tries to keep his dream of tending the rabbits alive. She also says, “You can get another one easy” (87). This quote shows that she is a compassionate human being despite the constant judgment of her personality. Because Curley’s wife is comforting Lennie, he calms down and starts listening to her. Moreover, despite the criticism Curley’s wife isn’t just a flirt and a “tart” (28), her sympathetic side shows, she actually cares about people on the ranch.
Because of Curley’s wife’s sympathetic side, she can talk to people easily about her dream. When Curley’s wife talks about her dream it is evident she wants to have a nice future without Curley. She says, “I don’ like Curley, he ain’t a nice fellow” (89). Here, it is evident that she doesn’t want to be married to Curley; she recognizes the fact that Curley is a bad person. She tells Lennie about her dream and explains how she could’ve made it big in show business. She explains to Lennie, “Coulda been in the movies, an’ had nice clothes” (89). This quote shows her American dream. Talking to Lennie, Curley’s wife realizes being married to Curley isn’t her dream. However, she cannot accomplish her dream anymore because she is married to Curley. Even though she is given a bad reputation, Curley’s wife still has a dream like everyone else on the ranch.
When Curley’s wife tells her...

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