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Increase In Elderly Population Report

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In 2010, nearly 524 million people in developing countries were 65 and older. Experts are now saying that by 2050, that total is projected to significantly increase to 1.5 billion. For the first time in our history, there will be more people ages 65 and older than there are children five and under. This phenomenon is due to the “baby boomer generation” now growing older and an increase in longevity. This increase in the elderly population can be seen around the world and will have a significant impact on medical institutions, society, and the economy.
As we grow older, our immune system begins to deteriorate in one of two ways. It can become negligent, allowing abnormal cells such as ...view middle of the document...

Elderly people that are in between stages of being able to live independently and having to rely on someone else are facing different problems.
Elderly people in between stages face the problem of nursing home prices and their insurances/social security not paying for these expenses.
Economically, social security companies are being very cautious as of now because, before long there will be more people withdrawing money from the system then there are putting money into the system. Many high-income countries are currently trying to push back retirement age for the same reason. Retirement in America was originally set for the age of 65 in 1935. Retirement was set at this age because that was the life expectancy back then and if you lived longer than you were supposed to than you shouldn’t have to work. However, now that people are living well into their upper 80’s and sometimes past 100 and having over 20 years of leisurely retirement, the government is thinking of pushing back retirement. In OECD countries, in 2007, the average man retired at 64 and could expect 18 years of retirement. While the average woman, retired at the age of 63 and could look forward to up to 22 years of retirement. So, to keep a flow of money running through the system some countries such as France have changed its retirement age. France’s retirement age was only pushed back by two years from 60 to 62 and workers were furious. Due to this, violent protests and riots broke out in several different cities in France. Other countries will face the same issues within the near future if they do not push retirement age.
Socially, we can expect to see changes in the family home and in daily advertisements. As longevity increases so do the odds of having several generations alive at the same time. More people in there 50s and 60s are more likely to have surviving parents and children are likely to know their grandparents and/or even their great-grandparents (especially great-grandmothers). This changes home environments in which, four or five generations may live together. In parts of sub-Saharan Africa, the skipped-generation family household has become increasingly popular as well. A home is known as a skipped-generation household when an older person or couple lives with at least one grandchild and no middle-generation. For example, in Zambia, 30 percent of older women were living in such residencies. While other societies...

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