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Increase In Violence Among Teenagers Essay

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In my community I know kids that are committing in teenage violence and I would like for them to stop before they end up in prison and that could mess up their life. Violent crimes are committed by teens every year. More teens are succumbing to violence every year, as the aggressor or the victim. It's important for parents or adults who work with young people to understand contributing factors and how to help. Teen violence takes many forms and ranges in severity. The most infamous and severe form of teen violence are the school shootings seen on the news. More common, though, are teenagers gunning each other down in the streets every day. Even schoolyard bullying, though less severe, is a form of teen violence. There are different types of teen violence and they are called Physical Violence, Dating Violence, Predatory Violence, Situational Violence, and Relational Violence. Many teenagers are concerned about youth violence, and with good reason. Each year, far too many teens commit acts of violence, and their victims are most often other teenagers. Throughout their teenage years, teens will be interacting with a wide variety of people, situations, and emotions. In many situations, personal conflict between different individuals may potentially result in violence and/or injury. Parents should help their teen learn to deal with their emotions without using violence; they should talk to their teen about ways to solve arguments and fights without weapons or violence. Preventative methods may include learning nonviolent methods to control their anger or developing more efficient problem solving skills. If there is violence in a family, it increases the risk of the teen becoming involved in future violence. Violent acts can include bullying, fighting, including punching, kicking, slapping, or hitting use of weapons such as guns or knives. Teenagers look at television and see people committing violent crimes and then they think that it’s okay to do things like robbing, selling drugs, killing, fighting, bullying, and etc. There are plenty of teenagers in my community that look up to adults that’s committing violent crimes, and that’s all teens see so they think it’s okay for them to do violent things that could cause them to become incarcerated. Some teens are violent, depressed, abusing alcohol or drugs, or engaging in other reckless behaviors. Teen violence has become a hot topic in the news and social media these past few years. In fact, the report made by the Centers for Disease Control stated that 16% of all violent crimes were committed by teenagers. These violent crimes include murder, sexual assault, assault and battery, and so on. In my community there are all different types of gangs so teens become involved in gang violence among young adults is a huge problem. Teenagers who are involved in such violence are more likely to get shot, beaten, or stabbed to death. Other young adults who are part of a gang may also commit violent acts towards...

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