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Increase The Funding Of Colorado K 12 Public Schools

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The school years are the grounding years of one's learning. Schools have a major role in transforming children to become reliable citizens and contributing members of society. Education paves the way for someone to have a great career. Education builds character and gives someone the skills to succeed in life. The national average of the yearly per-student spending in Public K-12 Schools is about $12,000. Students who attend schools in states with higher per pupil spending outperform students in states with a low per-pupil spending. The students score higher on the National Assessment of Academic Progress (NAEP) tests. They are also better prepared for college and are able to handle the ...view middle of the document...

00 yearly towards education. When filing their Colorado Income Tax, this amount could be subtracted from their refund. If they already owe on their tax return, this amount would be added to their bill and paid at the same time the tax bill is submitted. There are roughly 5,300,000 people living in the state of Colorado. This would generate $53,000,000 a year that would be used for education.
A second way to increase funding would be to add an additional $5.00 to all motor vehicle registrations in the state. There are roughly 4,500,000 vehicles registered in Colorado. This number includes cars, trucks, motorcycles, buses and recreational vehicles. This would generate $22,500,000 for the education fund .This would not add much of a burden to families because, even with three or four registered vehicles this will only be a $15.00 or $20.00 increase per year.
A third way would be to add a $10.00 fee onto all tickets and citations issued in Colorado. The money from the fines of tickets and citations usually stays in the county they are issued. This $10.00 add-on would then be sent to the education fund from the counties collecting the fines. There are 264 Law Enforcement agencies in Colorado. If each agency issued 20 tickets/citations per day, there would be an additional $19,272,000 generated to help fund public schools. This number is on the low side because some of the larger Law Enforcement agencies have multiple officers, who are issuing 10+ tickets and citation per shift. So these agencies are issuing hundreds of tickets daily.
A fourth way to increase the funding is to add a $2.00 surcharge per ticket to major sporting events here in Colorado. The Denver Broncos have 10 home games, with an average attendance of 75,000 people. The Colorado Rockies play 81 home games, with an average attendance of 34,500 fans. The Denver Nuggets have 38 home games with an average of 17,000 attending. The Colorado Avalanche has an average attendance of 16,000 fans at their 41 games played in Denver. By adding this $2.00 surcharge it would add $9,693,000 to the funding. This increase should not...

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