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Increasing Accuracy While Shooting Essay

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Every gun owner wants to shoot accurately, but there are several factors in both the gun and your shooting style that can negatively affect precision and accuracy. Having poor accuracy does not amount to simply having a poor gun or being a bad shot. It's usually a culmination of several factors in both the gun and the shooter that makes poor accuracy so common. The good news is that you can improve your accuracy with some very simple changes and considerations.

Gun Selection

All guns have their own benefits and disadvantages. Some guns are more powerful than others, some have a bigger capacity, some have a longer range and others are simply more accurate. There are several factors that make up a more accurate gun.

Weight greatly affects accuracy. Heavier and larger guns seem to be more accurate as they're not as easy to be affected by shaking hands or sudden jolts of movement. Larger guns also tend to fit in the shooter's hands better, which allows for a better grip and more control.

Longer barrels also help control the bullet for a longer period of time after the gun has been fired. The more control you have over the bullet after it's fired, the more precision and accuracy you will have.

Guns with low recoil also help control the shots better. It also allows for better and faster grouping as you can easily get several shots in without constantly needing to adjust after the recoil.

Stance Preferences

There isn't one universal stance meant to make you more accurate. Any stance that is most comfortable to you is what you should be using. If you're not comfortable in a stance, it won't matter how well the stance is supposed to work since the uncomfortable feeling will negatively affect your aim either way.

Using a gun stand along with a table is great for stability when sighting in your gun or practicing. If you hunt or shoot competitively, you won't always have this option, however. In addition, using a stand and table isn't a great option for testing our your overall accuracy.

Kneeling is a common stance for stability as one leg balances your body while the other acts as a stand for your arm. You won't be as steady as a...

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