Increasing Awareness For Charity Fundraising Programs

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The goal is to increase awareness and number of people that are involved in charity fundraising programs. The loyalty aid points program is adopted from private enterprises’ loyalty rebate programs where consumer patronizing their products gets rebate points.

The system will be done with the use of a smart card that they need to present when making purchases. The purpose of the card is to have standard conversion of amount purchase to point and to store the points until it is needed to be use by the owner.

This Loyalty Aid program will increase massive and integrated communication and distribution network. It will also increase awareness about what charity does its implication and concepts for general consumer to understand. The idea is also giving a huge access to each individual who wants to donate but does not have the means to give out personal money.

“Let your Loyalty aid a person with disability.” a slogan for the fresh concept and system for charity fund-raising in the future. Loyalty Aid programs will encourage individuals to be involved in this charity donation movements. This system will also increase understanding on consumers regarding charity events.

Individual making regular shopping purchases will earn point, which they can then use as a fund to donate to charity. There is no need for them to worry because they will not be required to give-out personal money. Consumers will still be given an option to choose refund or donate the points to the charity.

The Loyalty Aid points program is a noble way of getting everyone to take part in helping those in need or disability. It is also a unique and discreet approach to involve not only consumers but also retailer and enterprise owners to donate for the charity.

This trend of loyalty programs in the market generates customer loyalty because for them their value for the company is increased. This is astrategic way of encouraging consumer to buy more products in order for them to earn more points.

There are also concerns that the program needs to face like marketing or increasing awareness in target demographic and promoting it amongst beneficiary, target market, promoting it amongst beneficiary, marketing stakeholders and building credibility.

Reports have proven huge advantages in the market of having loyalty programs in the retail industry such as:

• Programs are often easy for consumers to understand.
• Incentives drive customers back for repeat purchases.
• Programs can be cost-effective, depending on what you put into place.
• Programs are easy to implement.

This report shows how much this Loyalty Aid points program it can help increase awareness and funds for the charity. This can also solve the problem of marketing by getting the people to understand how the point system works and how many individuals it can help.

Because of its unique and the accessibility for people to...

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