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Increasing Communication Through Technology And Declining Face To Face Interaction

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There are computer labs all over the state campus. These labs help students perform many academic related tasks, such as printing off their assignments. When people print things off there is usually a line of fellow students waiting to do the same thing. You finally make it up to the monitor and select your computer number and the documents you want to print off, plain and simple right? It is a very under-observed activity, but there is something I have noticed; these people waiting in line rarely ever interact.
Printing off documents is a very simple task and does not require much concentration. The computer labs are on campus to help ensure that students succeed throughout their college careers. There are an uncountable number of students that use the computer labs, print off work, and leave without saying a word. Is waiting in line or staring at a computer screen make you too busy or focused to interact with the people around you?
I have seen very few people talk face to face in the computer labs. I have even noticed people sitting beside each other instant messaging each other through their computers. Why is it so important to communicate online? Why can people not talk face to face when electronics and technology are involved? I noticed that in several occasions people would act as if they did not have time for even a simple “hey how’s it going”. It is almost as if people have a fear of getting into a deep or meaningful conversation, or a fear for what someone might think if you speak to them. There were numerous occasions in which someone might look eager to talk or interact but the other person would blatantly avoid eye contact, or act as if the person was not even there.
Body language seems to be the most common form of communication; and it is usually saying “don’t talk to me” or “I don’t have time for you”. There are things I noticed such as a brisk and somewhat forced grin along with unconcerned, wide eyes that would usually be a last effort at trying to ensure someone did not say or do anything to you. All the fairly negative body language and attitudes, but there was the occasional kind hearted person who would toss a sincere smile at someone and a greeting. Things like that can make someone’s whole day better, and more bearable; just by spending a few moments of your time. Personally, if I can make someone’s day better by being polite; I see no reason to pass it up. There are people that may just need a smile to show them hope for a better day, which could actually be life changing.
I can recall times when I was a little kid that people would converse over anything with just about anyone. I remember walking through grocery stores with my mom and making frequent stops to talk to people she knew or random strangers that were wandering down the same...

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