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Over the past few decades the cost of tuition has skyrocketed and turned into something that parents and students all across the nation fear to pay every year due to the fact that it is so expensive. “According to the U.S. Department of Education, the average annual tuition, fees and room and board at a public college or university in 1964-65 — the first year for which there’s data — was $6,592, in 2011 dollars. By 2010-2011, that had increased to $13,297 -- a 101.7 percent increase. The increase for private schools was even more dramatic. Average tuition, fees and room and board in 1964-65 was $13,233 a year; in 2010-2011, it was $31,395, an 137.2 percent increase (Mathews, 2013).” This 101.7 just goes to show you that tuition is way too high and has been substantially increasing over the past fifty decades, but for what reason?

Not only is the tuition increase making it harder to pay for school, its also influencing students on their future careers. "To repay their debts, students are anticipating the need for immediate and lucrative employment after college so they choose both “practical” and “well-playing” fields of study, resulting in the decline of majors such as philosophy, history, and English literature." By the increasing prices its making the students choose more ordinary jobs that they know they will land in order to pay off their debt.
There are three main reason for the tuition increase, the first being that at public colleges and universities, the story is mostly that states have cut higher education funding, and schools are making up for it with increased tuition. “Public community colleges, the largest category of higher education institution, have seen real, per full-time student spending fall from 2000 to 2010. So they’re actually spending less. And yet, over that same period, community colleges saw tuition revenue per full-time student increase by about 40.7 percent in real terms. Perversely, the powers that be at community colleges have been cutting what they spend on students, and then making those students pay even more for a cheaper-to-produce product. At public master’s and bachelor’s schools — that is, public institutions that offer traditional four-year curricula but aren’t research schools — spending has been basically stagnant over the past decade. What’s more, most years in the 2000s actually saw spending decline relative to 2000, not increase, even though tuition rose. The problem at these schools is not out of control spending. The issue is that the schools’ are getting money they used to get from the government from students, which makes the product more expensive to families even though overall costs are unchanged -- or, in the case of community colleges, lower (Matthews, 2013).” So when the states cut the schools funding the cost directly translate to the students increase in tuition so they can make up the loss.
Another reason for tuition increase is the way Universities are spending. Spending is...

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