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Increasing Job Satisfaction Is Important For Its Humanitarian Value And For Its Financial Benefit (Due To Its Effect On Employee Behavior.)

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Job SatisfactionIncreasing job satisfaction is important for its humanitarian value and for its financial benefit (due to its effect on employee behavior.)Employees with higher job satisfaction:Believe that the organization will be satisfying in the long rubCare about the quality of their workAre more committed to the organizationHave higher retention rates, and more productiveFor the purpose of our work, we follow Porter and Lawler and define job satisfaction as people's affective (emotional) response to their current job conditions. We also carefully distinguish job satisfaction from its consequents. Desire to stay with an organization is not a symptom of job satisfaction; it is a consequence of job satisfaction. As an independent factor, desire to stay is also affected by other factors such as employees' job security, expectation about their future success in the organization.Sources of ConfusionNegative is stronger than positive. Dissatisfaction seems to be more motivating than satisfaction. In a similar way, people often react more immediately and visibly to pain than to a pleasant stimulus.Diminishing returns. Frequently, there is not a simple relationship between satisfaction and its consequences. For example: the greater the dissatisfaction, the greater the motivation to quit. Once people are basically satisfied, they are no longer motivated to quit. How will their behavior be different if they are wildly satisfied with their jobs? They will still not be motivated to quit. Thus, one employee are satisfied with their jobs, being wildly satisfied may not produce significantly different behavior. This effect can cause managers to underestimate just how motivating job satisfaction is.According to research, when the following six factors were high, job satisfaction was high. When the following six factors were low, job satisfaction was low. These factors were most commonly found in organizations.Job satisfaction is influenced by:- Opportunity- Stress- Leadership- Work Standards- Fair Rewards- Adequate AuthorityOpportunityEmployees are more satisfied when they have challenging opportunities at work. This includes chances to participate in interesting projects, jobs with a satisfying degree of challenge and opportunities for increased responsibility. Important: this is not simply "promotional opportunity". As organizations have become flatter, promotions can be rare. People have found challenge through projects, team leaderships, special assignments - as well as promotions.Actions:- Promote from within when possible- Reward promising employees with roles on interesting projects- Divide jobs into levels of increasing leadership and responsibilityIt may be possible to create job tittles that demonstrate increasing levels of expertise which are...

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