Increasing The Awareness Of Behaviors And Activities That Lead To The Risk Of Chronic Diseases Among Children.

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1. Introduction
A. Topic/Introductory sentence: Children are influenced by all their surroundings. Teaching children how to make healthy choices at an early age will decrease the rate of chronic diseases with them and future generations.
B. Many children develop unhealthy habits at a young age from poor examples and the lack of education. Some of these habits include losing the desire to exercise, poor eating practices, and eventually increasing the risk of heart disease, obesity, and diabetes to name a few.
C. Opinion Statement: Increasing the awareness of positive behaviors and activities early in a child’s life will potentially reduce the chronic disease rate it this generation as well as future generations.
II. “Healthy living is the best revenge” (Elwood 1).
A. One of the main causes of chronic diseases is unhealthy activities and behaviors.
1. Poor food choice.
2. Replacing physical activities with a sedentary lifestyle.
3. Drugs, alcohol and smoking.
B. Whole foods and plant-based diets can prevent diseases such as cancer, diabetes and obesity.
1. Fruit and vegetables contain high amounts of vitamins, nutrients and fiber.
2. These whole foods are low in fat and sugar.
III. One in two American adults lives with at least one chronic illness.
A. There are about 150 million cases of diabetes around the world: this number will double by 2025.
1. Drinking beverages with large amounts of added sugar place individuals at a higher risk of obesity and diabetes.
2. Not only does obesity cause physical problems like diabetes and high blood pressure, but it also causes low self-esteem, depression, and even negative body images.
B. Chronic diseases: stroke, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and obesity cause seven out of ten deaths every year.
1. Fish oil has been shown to be beneficial to individual’s health.
2. Meat high in fat, margarines and dairy products are not beneficial, but actually increase the risk of heart disease.
3. Diseases that affect the heart and blood vessels cause a third of...

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