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-The effects of increasing university tuition to National Economics University-
TABLE CONTENT1CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION 11.1 BACKGROUND 11.1.1 Educational situation in Vietnam recently 11.1.2 New university tuition fees project 21.2 RATIONALE OF THE RESEARCH 21.3 RESEARCH QUESTIONS 31.4 RESEARCH METHOD 31.5 LITERATURE REVIEW 4CHAPTER II MAJORS FINDING 42.1 ADVANTAGES OF INCREASING UNIVERSITY TUITION FEES 42.1.1 The development in teaching quality The improvement of education's infrastructure The changes in teaching method The development in teacher's well being 82.1.2 The improvement in students' awareness 82.2 DISADVANTAGES OF INCREASING UNIVERSITY TUITION FEES 92.2.1 The financial drawbacks Problems facing when students doing partime jobs Problems facing when students cut off entertainment expenditure Problems facing when students reduce their spending on food and renting house 112.2.2 Some other potential limitations 122.3 SOME RECOMMENDATIONS TO MAKE RAISING UNIVERSITY FEES POLICY MORE EFFICIENT AND TO IMPROVE TEACHING QUALITY 122.3.1 What should government do? Make the policy become more comprehensive Get financial transparency and public disclosure of revenues and expenditures Reform the education system 132.3.2 What should NEU do? Consider carefully the quality of teachers Charge the tuition fee bases on the students' result Rise the international department fees Open extra class to get financial help Grant and loans for students CHAPTER I INTRODUCTIONBACKGROUNDEducational situation in Vietnam recentlyEducation is the first priority of Vietnamese government. It plays a very important part in building human resources. Manpower with good knowledge is crucial to economic growth and social development. Hence, many proposals have been given to enhance the education's quality. Recently, one of the most practical recommendations, which is increasing tuition fee, has been applied. Actually, this implementation has raised many disputes.According to a report of UNESCO about current educational situation in Vietnam, the demand for studying is increasing dramatically. In recent years, the number of Vietnamese high school graduates has been rising gradually. Understanding the importance of education, many students and families are willing to financially sacrifice and even take on debt to afford the increasing fees of university tuition.New university tuition fees projectMoreover, according to our statistics, in the last 10 years, GDP per capita of VN increased 4.7 times, the minimum wage increased 1.86 times and consumer doubled, so it is overdue to reasonable increase tuition. Moreover, as said by Tran Manh Dung, Rector of the University of Dentistry, the current tuition fee of VND180, 00 ($9) per month was not enough even to cover faculty salaries.On the contrary, some professors assert that the government should...

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