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Incremental Sheet Metal Forming Essay

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Incremental Sheet Metal Forming (ISMF) is a technique used to shape sheet metal and is usually used for rapid prototyping. The process begins with sheet metal secured below the ISMF device’s main body. A metal rod, which can be either a ball, a rounded shape or a cube is lowered onto the sheet metal and traced over the material in the desired shape. Computer software is used to create the desired product and trail paths are mapped before the process begins. As the rod is traced over the sheet metal, it can either slowly spin or be kept rigid, creating incremental pressure which increasingly builds until the metal dips, forming a dent. This dent is transferred across the metal, forming the intended shape. The process does not crease or create individual dents in the material. It is a smooth flowing design technique. Sometimes with the more rigid devices attached a sharper and more obvious pathway can be seen. The use of a gel or dye is not used as a lubricant in this specific manufacturing technique, unlike similar sheet forming techniques. The name incremental sheet metal forming is self-explanatory and has been kept this way as to keep a relatively unbiased stance on the original inventor. As well as this it can be assumed having a standard name for a globalised technique makes for a far easier communication process. This term also is classified as an umbrella term which means it covers a range of convergent techniques all achieving similar results. This term of incremental sheet metal forming includes single point sheet metal forming, two-point sheet metal forming, shear spinning incremental sheet metal forming and most recently water jet incremental sheet metal forming. All techniques are commonly referred to as either ISMF or their specific acronym.

- This can be divided into history etc.
- Process definition
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- Milling machines used
- Japan is one of the world’s leading car manufacturers and has implemented incremental sheet metal forming into their prototyping. ISMF is cheap and fast which is highly advantageous or companies with many concepts trying to come out with different ideas.

What was it developed for? What are future directions?
The theory behind sheet metal forming has been around for over one hundred years which can be traced back to two patents both lodged during the same year. Leszak and Berghahn of General Electric partitioned for patents in 1967 for differing products with similar results. (W.C. Emmensa, 2010) Leszak’s machine was ___. Berghahn’s product more closely resembled todays version of ISMF and was more successful then the former however Berghahn is not as often mentioned in historical documents referring to the history of sheet metal forming. (W.C. Emmensa, 2010)As both patents were lodged in the same year and both resemble, in method or result, modern sheet forming, both men are credited with the initial...

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