Indeed: The World Is Better Today

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People all over this world often contemplate if they lived in a different time would they be better off having lived fifty years ago or if the world today just as suitable if not better than what it was fifty years ago. I am here to tell you, if you may be one of those people pondering the very same question, you are better off today thanks to the advancements in modern education, technology, and medicine. There have been outstanding advancements in much of the aspects of all over the world since fifty years ago, and with these advancements, the world has become ever changing and fortuitous.
First and foremost, technology is more cutting edge and progresses everyday. Since fifty years ago, we now have color televisions, microwaves, and power windows in our vehicles. Those are just meager improvements in the scope of things. Computers, for instance, were expensive and scarce, they would fill up a small room and you practically had to be a genius to know how to operate one. Now, computers are common and in-complex to operate. We use computers everyday for mundane tasks, they are even a part of our daily means of communication. We use computers to stay in touch with friends, relatives, loved ones stationed overseas, and we use them to our advantage to fill ourselves with knowledge and the fundamentals of learning.
Synonymous with our computers, present day provides the World Wide Web. The Internet allows us access to more knowledge and learning than could ever fill one library. Encyclopedias from A-Z all at the touch of your fingertips. The Internet has not only made learning faster, but easier and more thrilling than learning from a boring video, or listening to a lecture from a professor for an hour at a time. The Internet has brought us online learning. Online learning is profound, it has helped more people achieve being able educate themselves with busy schedules or young children not yet in school.
Because of computers and the Internet, we have a vast range of business advancements. E-commerce- being able to buy and sell online, has grown businesses all around the world. You can purchase almost anything off the Internet, or sell whatever you wish, thanks to E-bay and other similar sites. Internet also now plays an extraordinary part in advertising. Ads can be seen anywhere in the world for a business, also helping businesses to grow with support from Social media and search engines.
If technology has not convinced you yet that we are doing better today than fifty years ago, then something even more important should, education. We have come a long way in education. There are more schools than there ever were fifty years ago, and we are building more all the time for the ever growing population. More people than ever are graduating high school and deciding to go to college. Education has become priority for more families than ever. We are a smarter generation than those of fifty years ago. There are higher learning classes for students...

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