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The Independence at Home Act (IAH) is a type of health care delivery model created to improve health care and reduce health care cost for Medicare beneficiaries with multiple chronic disorders (n.d., 2013). This is done through the help of physicians and nurse practitioners (NPs), who provide the care to patient with chronic conditions in their home environments. Providing care at home is done to prevent needless and redundant hospitalization of patients. Which also benefit the elderly population who always need continues cares and do not have the money to pay for hospitalization. In order for a person to be eligible for the IAH, he or she must meet any of the six requirements provided by the IAH. In addition, NPs who provide the home care face some barriers to their practice that prevent them from fully providing the best such as the lack of right to order home care. The main goal of IAH is to cut down health care expenditures, and to deliver the best care to patients in their homes, who meet the criteria’s of the IAH. Professionals who provide this care such as NPs also encounter barriers that limit their ability to offer the best care to patients in their home setting.
The home care established by the IAH act is to provide a high quality care and still reduce health care cost. To decrease health care cost, IAH provide direct care to patients with chronic conditions at home instead of the hospital. Thereby eliminating unnecessary hospitalization of patients and reducing unnecessary health care cost billed through this unnecessary hospitalization. From a survey conducted in 2008, 78% of patients surveyed said that the house calls program has decreased their visits to the emergency room (ER),81% responded that the program had helped them avoid being hospitalized, and 72% said that the program had helped them avoid being placed in a nursing home (Pyles, 2009). Apart from providing care at home to reduce health care cost, the IAH act implements new technologies to help reduce health care cost and improve care. According to IAH (n.d.), “practices are expected to use electronic health records, and other diagnostic and remote monitoring technologies.” The use of electronic health records (EHR) will help providers such as physicians and NPs get faster access to patient information and reduce the time providers may have spent looking for patient health data, thereby saving health care money for the unused time. In addition, it also allows providers to know everything about the patient from the EHR and provide the best care the patient might need. Remote monitoring also allows providers to diagnose and treat patients regardless of the providers and the patient location. Thus, reducing traveling cost for the provider and their patients and reducing health care cost. Eligibility for IAH requires that the individual “have two or more chronic conditions, have coverage from original, fee-for-service (FFS) Medicare, need assistance with two or more...

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