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June 6, 1952, Harvey Fierstein, the American actor and playwright is birthed to Jacqueline Harriet and Irving Fierstein of Brooklyn, New York. Harvey Fierstein’s screen success came in a few highly acclaimed films: “Mulan”, “Independence Day”, and “Mrs. Doubtfire”, just to name a few. These lists of movies have captured the attention of many, but his initial claim to fame is his playwriting ability. The playwright turned actor began his writing career in high school, where he enrolled in creative writing. It was at this time his frankness for being gay was no secret. He performed in numerous drag events growing up. These events ultimately pushed him into his Broadway success and being an activist for the gay population.
Furthermore, a few of his plays are written about drag queens and others about being gay. Mr. Fierstein grew up in a time when being gay was a very hard lifestyle to be open about. Over the decades the support group lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community or better known as LGBT, has supported the mass movement worldwide. Mr. Fierstein set out to illustrate to the world that it is ok to be yourself and that the LGBT community will not accept any more bigotry. His plays focus on the hardships faced by the oppressed and the tyrants.
In his play “On Tidy Endings, a lover and ex-wife have gathered to sign documents and tie up loose ends after the death of a man. It was during the conception of this play that most Americans mandated being homosexual was a crime against god. These actions came because of a belief that god created man for woman, and woman for man. I believe Mr. Fierstein’s theme is to show people same sex marriage does not differ from any other, but it is the judgment by those who do not understand the nature of intent.
Collin Redding is the other half of the lover and ex-husband of Marion whom of which dies from AIDS. His death is the reason Arthur and his ex-wife are meeting together to sign documents and tie up loose ends. His character is not heavily spoken about in the play, but we do know he was once married to a woman named Marion for sixteen years. Also, Collin and Marion have a son together named Jimmy. However, their marriage came to an end after so many years of marriage, and Collin became lovers with Arthur.
Arthur is the lover in the play. He was with Collin until his death due to the AIDS virus. When the play begins we notice Arthur is not at the Upper West Side apartment, but he has packed up all of his belongings, as well as Jimmy’s personal things. He is a very neat and organized person as described by the way his boxes are stacked. Arthur was very deeply in love with Collin, and we can tell by the statement given by Arthur saying, “I was planning on keeping it all” (pg. 459). The statement is given in reference to all of Collin’s belongings. Arthur planned to keep everything to remember the time they had together.
Marion is the ex-wife of sixteen years to Collin. They were involved...

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