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What the meaning of word Independence? Is that just free from the colonizer? Is Indonesia now can be considered truly an independent country? After 64 years proclaim its independence, Indonesia cannot make itself become an independent country because development in Indonesia both physical and non physical still dependent to foreign country.
There is a quotation said that Indonesian soil is very flourishing, you can plant everything in this country and it will grow by itself. Also this year Indonesian government proudly announced that Indonesia has reached self sufficiency in rice. Do we have to proud? That good news cannot hide the fact that the supply Indonesian soy bean 90% come from other countries and even worse, 100% supply of wheat are imported from abroad. Imagine if we do not import those things maybe Indonesian people only eat rice during their lifetime. That reality is proofing that actually the developments of agriculture in Indonesia still have not achieved so far.
The academics in Indonesia recently might be proud for themselves by the reason that the ranks of higher education in this county develops rapidly in the last few years. But they have to realize that the assistance from abroad which have a big hand in development of education in Indonesia rather than our own government. ITB and UPI cannot build lavish lecture buildings without loan from Japan. Ironic indeed imagine the state university being dumped by the government so they have to beg to get a loan or assistance from foreigners. In other word Indonesia do not have the...

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