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Independent Research Study On Colon Cancer.

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Research PaperI. Question and Hypothesis1.) Does fiber help prevent colon cancer?2.) If a high fiber intake is taken daily, then the risk of colon cancer is reduced.3.) Independent variable: FiberDependent variables: Incidences of colon cancerControl: Patients without colon cancerOther factors: Age, gender, duration of studies, dosage of fiber intake, general population, and patients' health status.4.) The purpose of this research paper is to investigate scientific studies to determine if fiber intake is relative to the reduction of colon cancer.Rationale:Colon cancer has often been studied and linked to diet. The American Medical Association emphasizes the importance of eating whole grains and five fruits and vegetables daily. In addition, health literature stresses the need for fiber foods to cleanse the colon and lungs, the sites of the highest incidence of cancer in Americans. Fiber therefore has been identified as an important component of a healthy diet. The beginnings of the fiber-colon cancer debate sparked in 1970 when a missionary doctor compared colon cancer results between America and Africa. He compared the diets high in animal fats of western countries to the diets high in plant-based fiber in poorer countries such as Africa. It is from this perspective that this study of the research literature has been made to determine the effectiveness of fiber in relation to reducing the risk of colon cancer.II. Background Information1.) The last 5 or 6 feet of the large intestine, the colon, is connected to the 5 to 6 inch rectum to create the "large bowel." This is the area referred to in the term "colorectal cancer." Approximately 130,000 Americans develop this cancer and each year 56,000 die from it annually. Colon cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death after lung cancer. This is true for both men and women in the developed countries of the world. Nutrition and food habits play an important role in this disease.Colon cancer starts as a tiny polyp, a benign growth along the colon. Then over a period of approximately ten years the polyp slowly enlarges and turns cancerous. As the tumors grow and multiply they burrow into the muscle surrounding the colon. The cancer then spreads to other organs once it has invaded the blood and lymph systems.2.) There are specific issues and biological concepts to be considered in evaluating scientific research related to fiber and its role in preventing colon cancer,1.) Colon cancer takes at least a decade to evolve. Therefore long term studies would offer the most validity of results.2.) Diversity in population samples would determine the effect of fiber to any diet regardless of nationality.3.) Fiber should be specified in measurable amounts to make consistent results.4.) Difference in type of fiber soluble or insoluble should be considered for conclusive results.5.) Studies should identify specifics related to gender and age of participants.3.) To test my hypothesis, I looked to these web...

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