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Why would a woman want to be educated? Why would a woman give up the opportunity to stay at home and be a housewife day in and day out raising children? How could a woman be as smart and as thirsty for knowledge as a man could? All of these questions are raised and answered in Educating Rita by Willy Russell. Rita is a young married woman aching to learn about literature, not for the sole purpose of learning it but to be able to experience it and live it as she has never lived anything else before. Constraints from her jealous husband as well as her father, and even her mentor, force Rita to fight against the stereotype that a woman?s place is at home in the kitchen, not in the classroom. Rita?s refusal to be coddled by both Frank, her professor, and Denny, her husband, creates a space for her own intellectual grow and signification. Rita wants choices: she wants to cross boundaries and she believes that an education will provide those choices.Denny is a good husband to Rita, but a simple-minded husband at the same time. He does not need books, plays, or anything intellectually stimulating in order to be happy. Denny does not understand Rita?s want and need to go to college and strongly opposes the idea. He wants to remodel the house and start a family. He tells her numerous times throughout the play that he wants her to quit school and have children because school is silly and pointless to go to if all you are going to do is learn how to read books; women are supposed to be having babies at her age anyway. These notions rise to the surface and burst out in the open when Denny discovers that Rita has been continuing to take birth control without his knowledge. He goes into a fury yelling at her while ripping and burning her precious books. Rita leaves Denny because she cannot be with someone who believes that women are subordinate to men and who will not support her dreams. Denny is stuck in the old-fashion masculine ideals as to how a woman Rita?s age ?should? act.It is just as evident that Rita?s father supports this philosophy as well. At one point in the play, he asks Rita if she is seriously thinking of pursuing her career as a student and waiting until she is thirty to have children. Her father thinks it is preposterous that she would even think such a thing: how she could be so awful to Denny by not having his children now. Rita simply tells her father that being educated and being able to study literature is more...

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Changes in Rita's Character throughout Educating Rita

1366 words - 5 pages life. Rita goes to summer school; this boosts her confidence in herself. Once she comes back from the course we can see that she has changed, she has a lot more knowledge. She says, “Look Frank, I don’t have to go along one hundred per cent with your views on Blake y’ know. I can have a mind of my own.” This shows she has learnt a lot on her course and she’s becoming more independent, as she can think more for herself now. Rita

"Educating Rita" by Willy Russell. Essay

1134 words - 5 pages Rita. In the start Rita and Frank share playful banter that is part of Ritas nieve charm that Frank adores about her and wants that part to stay. The banter changes from silly flirtations to intellectual conversation.She's becoming more independent; Frank has taught her that she needs to have her own views. Rita takes the plunge and goes to the theatre on her own something early on she would never have done. She chooses 'Macbeth' and the one

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1149 words - 5 pages ". To do this she takes classes at the Open University with her tutor Frank; whose disillusioned outlook on life drives him to the bottle. The play follows Rita's journey, showing the many decisions, sacrifices and choices she will have to make for her to become a fully independent and "free" women.We first get a glimpse of Rita's bold, bubbly and cheerful character in Act 1, Scene 1 when Rita is shown to be bounding into Frank's office swearing

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2420 words - 10 pages takes a completely pessimistic outlook on life, his decline is continuous.Their relationship dwindles when they meet again after summer. The changes in Rita have a big role to play in the downward spiral of their relationship.Rita is becoming more independent, She needs Frank less, he begrudges her this and it causes tension. 'Don't y' like me now that the little girl's grown up, now that y' can no longer bounce me on daddy's knee an' watch me


1056 words - 4 pages clarifies that she must be able to proceed with her own opinions and not have to defer to his views. Rita says "I know what wine to buy, what clothes to wear. I don't need you I can do without you" through an assertive and empowered tone it is noticeable to the audience that she has transitioned into a new world as Rita was once unsure about the type of wine she should buy, and now she is not in need of guidance and is independent and confident

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3773 words - 15 pages Frank's Growing Sense of Unease as Rita Becomes More Educated In the play 'Educating Rita', Willy Russell shows the growing relationship between the two main characters, Frank and Rita. Both are very different from each other, yet a bond is immediately established between them in the early stages of the play. We first see Frank to be an unorthodox, nonchalant university lecturer who has a drink problem, a failing

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3430 words - 14 pages " Rita has a much better understanding of people, and this can be seen in her speech and also behaviour. At the end, Frank asks her to go to Australia with him, but she can tell that he needs time by himself, and declines. This also shows how she is scared of being tied down, as before with Denny, she wants to be independent and make her own choices. She can tell Frank is clinging on to her- a complete role reversal from the start when she clung to

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1048 words - 4 pages typical society, being an independent woman goesout of our traditional scope of how women are supposed to act or behave.In many ways throughout the movie, you can plainly tell that Rita continues to beindependent while still staying within the more typical gender styled character. She stillwants to be swept off her feet. Many times during the film she describes her perfectmate, a regular prince charming. She describes the male version of the "good

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2848 words - 11 pages The purpose of this essay is to look at Rita’s situation, vulnerability and how a multidisciplinary team, focusing on the nurse could help. In normal circumstances consent would need to be gained from the client and false name used to protect the client, however Rita is a fictitious client therefore consent is not required, case scenario in appendix. The department of health Clinical Governance and Adult safeguarding (DH 2010 Page 14) guidance

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1973 words - 8 pages An Examination of Rubyfruit Jungle and Her Critics            Rita Mae Brown's first novel, Rubyfruit Jungle made waves when it was first released in 1973. Its influence has not gone away over the years and is in its seventh printing. While mainstream critics failed to acknowledge Rubyfruit Jungle in their papers, magazines and discussions on contemporary literature, there are plenty of non-mainstream voices to fill the void. While these


1671 words - 7 pages knows what might be the outcome if euthanasia is legalized in other states or perhaps our entire country.Works CitedMarker, Hamlon, Rita, Kathi. International Task Force. Steubenville: International Task Force on Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide, 1996.Dyck, Arthur. Life's Worth. : The Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity, 2002.Marker, Smith, Rita, Wesley. Words, Words, Words. Steubenville: International Task Force on Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide, 1996."Not Dead Yet: "NO BAIL FOR KEVORKIAN"" The Memphis Center for Independent Living . 16 Oct. 2003

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1295 words - 5 pages school year progresses. Denny desperately tries to hold back Rita, but Rita’s determination to learn is far greater than her love for Denny. Rita chooses to leave Denny because she can no longer force herself to please others and betray herself. (51) The old Rita is gone, replaced by a new and independent version of Rita. (37) While her marriage shatters to pieces, Rita begins to make new friends in the educated community. Rita becomes

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1155 words - 5 pages Changes in Rita and Frank in Acts One and Two Nicola White The ways in which Russell portrays the changes and developments in the characters of Rita and Frank in Act 1 scene 1 and Act 2 scene 1 of Educating Rita The play ‘Educating Rita’ written by Willy Russell explores the life of Rita, a twenty-six year old woman from a working class background, who is trying to find a new identity by becoming more independent, educated and

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1678 words - 7 pages this through education cease to be an act of individuality and she becomes dependent on her peer’s opinions rather than her own as she falls into the stereotypical role of an accomplished woman. As a result of Rita’s eagerness to become an independent member of the educated class through education, she conforms to the oversimplified pretence that surrounds the educated class, forfeits her own opinions and alters her true personality. Rita has many

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2242 words - 9 pages become more independent. Frank reacts by being more sarcastic and argumentative to Rita. He also tries to bring her mood down. An example of this can be found on page 78 where he says, ‘Well I certainly don’t want to see you stay in a room like this for the rest of your life.’’ He is trying to bring her feelings out by saying he will be happy to see her leave. He tries to bring her mood down but fails because Rita is so happy to be back and