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Independent Television Production Assignment: Telefilm

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Telefilm Canada2 Bloor St W22nd FloorToronto, ON1)First encounter with Telefilm Canada and how to obtain information on the organization:The staff at Telefilm Canada was both accommodating and helpful. It waseasy to both speak with the staff on the telephone as it was to stop by theoffice for further information on the organization. The bulk of theinformation was accessed from the Telefilm Canada office at Bloor Street.The receptionist was more than happy to give out two folders withinformation on the company, a Telefilm Canada 2000 manual on televisionprograms, as well as a contact name for further information. For futurereference, this person whom the receptionist recommended that would ...view middle of the document...

Examples of this fundinginclude the Equity Investment Program (EIP) of the Canadian Television Fund(CTF), the Feature Film Fund and the Multimedia Fund (website).Specifically Telefilm Canada classifies an independent producer as someonewho is not a broadcaster rather owns his or her own production company.4) Funding Available from Telefilm Canada:Independent Television ProductionMost independent producers who are established professionals in the industry who submit projects with an equally established technical and creative crew are eligible to submit their projects for analysis and funding to Telefilm Canada. As well, independent producers who are backed by an established production company are also eligible.Commercial broadcasters are not eligible.Telefilm Canada aims to support Canadian content projects since the corporation acknowledges the important contribution the audio-visual industry makes to the national economy. It provides financial support to high-quality cultural products in all project stages: research and development, financing, production, distribution, marketing and promotion.The following are funding and assistance programs that are available through Telefilm Canada should your application be approved as eligible. (Those in Italics are specifically for independent television production.)Canadian Television Fund: Equity Investment Program•Feature Film Fund•Official Co-productionsProduction Revenue Sharing Program:•The Multimedia Fund•Feature Film Distribution Fund•Distribution Revenue Sharing Program•National Training Program in the Film and Video Sector•Canadian Production Marketing Assistance Fund (national and international components)•Versioning Assistance Fund•Canada Showcase Program•Canadian Participation in International Film Events•Loan Guarantee Program•Industrial and Professional Development FundSECTION CIndependent Production Financing Processes of CBC, CBC Newsworld and YTVYTV Contact person - Laurinda Shaver, Co-productions:Conversation September 14, 11:50 AM1. What is their criteria for funding independent productions?In order for YTV to even look at a project, it has to fit into one of their programming categories. They are: Preschool (0-5 yrs), Kids (6-9 yrs), Tweens (10-13) Teen (14-19) and Family (all ages). They look for fiction only - no educational, information or magazine shows - they must be ENTERTAINMENT ONLY. Apparently, if you mention the word Educational, they will ceremoniously pitch your pitch right out. If the proposal fits one of these categories, they will read it. It has to be weird, using a “unique way of telling a story.” Independent Productions also have to be 100% Canadian using the CAVCO evaluation point system.2.What type and how much funding is available? (License fee/ Equity/Facility)YTV offers many types of funding options depending on the needs and type ofproduction. They offer License fees, which make up a certain...

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