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Selected Question:
• Select a country of interest to you and discuss and analyse the political, economic and legal characteristics of that country, and the implications for doing business there. (Chapter 2)

Exchange of goods and services across countries or simply international trade is a direct impact of globalization. In recent business developments, conducting international business has become a common but a complex business strategy. No country in this world is fully self-sufficient. In order to overcome from the imperfections, businesses need to find countries which can fill the business gaps. With this intension, a PEST analysis is done in the selected country in certain areas including the political, economic and legal to start up a medium scale business.
India is a developing country in the Asia region which belongs to the BRIC countries as well. India is in a rapidly growing stage entering into several international agreements and interrelationships with other countries. When considering about a country in order to do business, India has provided a clear and a smooth pathway to investors. As an overall aspect of consideration when choosing a country to conduct businesses, India’s current business environment and procedures have encourage investors to look over into India and have a glance on its business setting. This study of India would enhance the knowledge and allow having a clear and a specific background on India on conducting international business platforms.

SOCIAL and CULTURAL overview of India
India is the seventh largest country in the world. It is a republic country in south Asia. India’s climate is considered to be classified as tropical monsoon in South India and a moderate temperature in North India. India consist of natural resources such as coal, manganese, iron ore, petroleum etc. India provides the transport facilities by railways, roadways and by waterways. There are 454 airports in India and 13 major ports.
Population 1.2 billion
Population growth 1.3% per annum
Birth rate 20.6/1000
Death rate 7.43/1000
Sex ratio 940 females/1000 males
Life expectancy 67.14 years

There are four main religions. Hindi is the official language of India. Altogether there are 22 languages.

India is the largest democracy in the current world with a parliamentary form of government. The GOI (Government of India) is officially known as the Union Government. This government structure was established by the constitution of India in 1950. India owns a stable and a constant parliament power which allows the businesses to plan and project future in the Indian market.
The following diagram shows the division of the three distinct interrelated political branches in India.
In India president is the head of the state & prime minister of the country is the head of government. The highest national court is the supreme court of the country.. The central government of India has a greater control due to its states and...

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