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India By Rail Commentary Essay

872 words - 3 pages

India by Rail Commentary

Aimed at the older, more experienced readers with sophisticated lexis,
'India by Rail' is an informing and entertaining piece of text, fit
for a supplement of a Broadsheet. Opened with literary devices and
simple facts, the scene and tone of the text are set solid leaving the
theme and mood to be subtly stressed.

The usage of the present tense rather than the past allows the text to
be more personal with the reader, in turn helping them to understand
and appreciate the true feel of travelling on an Indian railway. If
the text were in the past, it would reveal that the description has
been reflected upon, whereas in the present tense pen is put to paper
without any thought as the train is travelling.

The paragraphs are structured in a way such that the reader is taken
on the train journey to live the experience themselves 'as the
adventure rolls on'. One minute there is 'breathtaking flamboyance',
and the next, 'a city approaches in the distance', thus the reader is
allowed to vividly imagine themselves 'chug on the serpentine hill

The reader is able to interact with the text through the profound use
of phonological features enabling them to form a personal picture of
the scene. They are able to sense the 'buzz and bustle' of the city,
as the 'street-side stalls stand amidst the swarming crowd'. The
alliteration employed here presents a feeling of a dense and dynamic
atmosphere, particularly with the inter-related words 'swarming' and
'buzz' that indicate masses of flies all buzzing and talking at once.
Onomatopoeia is also employed, extending the reader's hearing to the
'chug' of the train, and the 'gurgling rivers', emphasising both the
man-made and the natural sounds of nature. 'Shoppers fighting their
way through', 'cows urging shoppers', 'camels plodding'. The lack of
determiners in the paragraph is an obvious way of rounding of the
sensation atmosphere, indicating positively 'overwhelming experience'.

The text opens with a short and simple fact, proving the reader with
general background information about the ancient Indian railways. This
fact is complimented with words such 'chug' that have connotations of
something that is somewhat old and...

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